Nova Gives Back Across Canada During the Holiday Season

Over 850,000 people turn to food banks each month for help with food – more than one third of those numbers are for children and youth.

With more than 700 food banks and 3,000 food programs in Canada, there is an obvious need for assistance to ensure families are getting what they need to stay fed.

Each year, especially during the holidays, Nova Communications makes an effort to ensure those who need it most don’t go without. As a Canadian company, we have given to food banks across Canada in year’s past – but usually in the form of a cheque donation.

We wanted to take it up a notch this year! We were inspired by this WestJet campaign where people around the world were granted Christmas wishes by the airline. While we knew we couldn’t achieve the impact of WestJet, we decided we would do something fun.

With customers across the country, we thought it was important to get some of those clients involved, too – and help them give back to their own communities.

So, we picked customers across Canada and asked them if they’d help make our mission just a bit bigger this year. The goal? Shipping boxes of food to their business, and having them drop off to the food bank of their choice. This way, our customers knew the value of their business to Nova Communications, but people in communities benefited as well.

Well, our customers, as you’d expect, were keen to take part! They include:

Strategic Aviation (Kelowna, BC)

Yellowhead County (Edson, AB)

Uqsuq Corp (Iqaluit, NU)

Wentworth Recycling (Hamilton, ON)

Other drop-offs took place in the communities we have offices in – including Sydney, Moncton and Halifax.

In total, Nova Communications donated close to 70 boxes of food across the country and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Our decision to make this holiday campaign a bigger and better event could not have been achieved if it wasn’t for the customers who took time out of their day to ensure those in their communities could eat.

And we couldn’t be happier with the result. We feel very fortunate year after year to give back in the communities we serve. To take it to a new level this year with the inclusion of our customers really made the experience for our Nova Communications team that much better.

Happy Holidays from us all at Nova – have a safe and happy holiday season and a great 2017!


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