Nova Communications Attends Harvard Symposium

A piece of Nova Communications was in the room with 50 high level business leaders from throughout North America in September. James Craig, Manager, Product Development & Marketing at Nova, recently took part in an Intelligent Enterprise symposium at Harvard University. The symposium’s focus was on the ideas of mobility and cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IOT) – an idea of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. All three elements make up the term Intelligent Enterprise.

The Zebra sponsored symposium provided developers, investors and users of the thinking method an opportunity to get together and facilitate future ideas, along with ways to improve operations and grow future business.

James Craig, on the steps of the Faculty Club at Harvard University.

James Craig, on the steps of the Faculty Club at Harvard University.

IOT is growing, but according to Craig, it’s still in its infancy. There will be over 34 billion devices connected by 2020. Businesses will be the top adopter of IoT solutions, which will improve their bottom line by lowering their operating costs, increasing productivity, and enabling new product and services. Governments will see benefits from IoT on increasing productivity, decreasing costs, and improving their citizens’ quality of life.

The symposium was a chance to determine potential new opportunities for smaller business to work with larger companies to reap the benefits of the ideas and innovate as a result.

The event at Harvard is the brain child of both the university and Zebra Technologies, a global leader in this space. Zebra, a Nova Communications partner, has earned a reputation as a developer of technology that creates the information and insight that make up the idea of Intelligent Enterprise, giving businesses visibility into their operations.

Not only were thought leaders from both organizations in attendance, but also representatives from organizations like Google, MIT and the man who coined the term Internet of Things, Kevin Ashton.

This was a learning opportunity for Craig, and what he considers an incredible honour to be part of, but there’s also incredible advantage for Nova Communications to take the knowledge and solutions learned, get ahead of the curve, and implement them on a local scale for our customers and potential future clients.

Craig said he would like to take what he learned to explore how Nova Communications can develop products and ideas to create global opportunities.

The results of the symposium will be gathered into a report which will discuss the questions raised for future use – not only by Nova Communications – but many organizations around the world. Want to find out more about how Nova Communications can help with your shift to digital, intelligent enterprise? Contact us today – after all, We Put Wireless to Work!

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