Nova Communications, A Division of ROCK Networks, Begins Phase 1 Construction of Pictou County’s Community Broadband Network

OTTAWA, August 31, 2020 – Nova Communications, a division of ROCK Networks (Nova/ROCK), a wireless voice and data company, is set to begin phase one construction of The Municipality of Pictou County’s (MOPC) rural internet project.

“COVID-19 has brought the digital divide to the forefront, now more than ever, all communities must have reliable and high-speed internet access,” said Joe Hickey, President and CEO of ROCK Networks. He added, “Our Community Broadband Networks solution allows communities to fund, plan, and build a future-proof, revenue-generating broadband network. We are excited to begin phase one and help ensure a prosperous connected future for Pictou County.”

Nova/ROCK and a consortium of best-in-class partners are working to provide the Municipality of Pictou County with a fibre-rich broadband network, ultimately providing the community with high-speed internet that meets or exceeds CRTC guidelines. This project will help usher in a new era of economic and social growth while attracting and keeping jobs in the community. It will also be opening up areas of innovation with Smart City and IoT capabilities.

“Nova/ROCK’s Community Broadband Networks Solution will not only provide high-quality internet for the residents of Pictou County, it will also generate revenue for the Municipality, allowing us to thrive now and into the future,” said Municipality of Pictou County CAO Brian Cullen.

About the Municipality of Pictou County

The Municipality of the County of Pictou is the local government responsible for providing services to the citizens in the rural communities of Pictou County. The Municipality has a population of approximately 20,600 and is the largest of the six municipal governments located in Pictou County. The Municipality provides services in the areas of public works, some local roads, sewer and water, recreation, in addition to other municipal services and governance.

About Nova Communications, a Division of ROCK Networks

Nova Communications and our parent company ROCK Networks is an end-to-end communications systems integrator with a variety of wireless and broadband solutions. We’ve served a wide range of corporate and government customers within the public safety, energy, transportation, construction, and manufacturing sectors for nearly 40 years. Our customers trust us to provide industry-leading devices and services, nimble solutions, seamless integration, and best-in-class technical support.

Our seven areas of communications expertise are Wi-Fi solutions; two-way radios & rugged devices; Next Generation 9-1-1; IoT; predictive analytics; mobility products and services; and broadband, wireless, and community broadband networks. We have national capabilities with locations in Ottawa, Ontario, St. John’s Newfoundland, Dartmouth; Nova Scotia; and Moncton, New Brunswick.

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