Nova Communication Achieves ISO 9001-2008 Registration, And It’s a Big Deal.

Earlier this year, Nova Communications achieved ISO 9001-2008 registration from NSF-ISR. And for our customers, that’s a bigger deal than you might think! In short, it means that you know this company is managed well, and that your investment in systems purchased through us is well-protected. But really, ISO 9001 registration is so much more than that.

The Purpose of ISO Registrations

At this point, the increasing globalization of businesses around the world should come as a surprise to no one. But how do business customers and corporations ensure that their partners, clients and vendors are reputable? International registrations allow a company to determine just that, and among these registrations, ISO is the most prominent: worldwide, millions of businesses in 170 countries are registered with an ISO classification.

Nova Comm-ISO Certification

ISO 9000 Series: A Brief History

ISO first began its life as a certification in 1987, when the British Standards Institution (BSI) recognized the need for a globally unified set of standards guiding business practice. But its roots can be traced back even further, all the way back to 1959 when the U.S. Department of Defence established the MIL-Q-9858 standard to guide its purchases from approved vendors and service providers.

The standards have since evolved to take into account the changing business environment of the 21st century, but their purpose remains the same: to establish a unified set of principles that guide international businesses and provide quality assurance to their customers.

The Registration Process

As you can probably imagine, achieving ISO 9001 registration requires a rigorous process – but one that we were happy to go through to ensure our customers know about the quality of our products and services.

First, we created an ISO 9001 Quality Manual that defined the scope of our quality management system as well as the various procedures in place to ensure that this quality is upheld. For us as for other ISO-registered businesses, that means establishing and explaining these various processes:

  • Control of Documents
  • Control of Records
  • Internal Audit
  • Control of Non-Conforming Products
  • Corrective Actions & Preventive Actions

Next, we created a flowchart establishing the interactions of various processes within our company. These three parts comprise our ISO Quality Manual, in which both the registration body (NSF-ISR) and our stakeholders can easily see just how we ensure that our practices and products meet the strict ISO guidelines.

But the process doesn’t end there. Next, an auditor from NSF-ISR visited and monitored our business to make sure that the outlined processes in our day-to-day operations match what our manual promises. Only then could we get the prestigious ISO 9001-2008 registration, which will be valid until 2018 – at which point, the process repeats itself.

How Our Customers Benefit

Why would a communication company like ours go through such a rigorous process simply to gain registration? Because we know just how much of a difference that makes for our customers.

For starters, it means you can rest assured that the products you purchase from us are developed and manufactured under strict international standards. That, in turn, means a guarantee of high-quality products that you don’t always get from other, non-ISO registered businesses.

And of course, our customer satisfaction is important to us. For Nova Communication, achieving ISO 9001-2008 registration means sending the message to our customers that we’ve always held dear: entering into business with us, you will get the highest-possible quality for your communication needs.

We’re not interested in tricking you into buying our products, but in establishing long-term business relationships with you, built on mutual trust and acknowledgement of quality. Our new ISO registration reinforces that belief, until 2018 and beyond.

So if you are looking for high-quality radio and communication equipment to serve you well in your indoor or outdoor environment, you can rest assured that an ISO-registered company has provided you with everything you need to get the job done. And when you’re ready for that step, contact us!

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