Next Generation 9-1-1

Next Generation 9-1-1 End-to-End Solution

As a key stakeholder, we understand you’re looking to improve emergency response in your community. You may want to improve your current Public Safety Answering Points’ (PSAP) performance and resiliency, usher in new technologies like NG9-1-1, or even address coverage gaps. In all of these cases, we know that functionality, reliability, and cost are the biggest considerations for PSAPs. Our solution includes:

  • Call Handling
  • Logging Recorders
  • Dispatch Consoles

ROCK Networks is a specialist in network design, home to veteran RF engineers. Combine this with our partnerships with research-backed, industry-leading emergency solutions in call handling, logging recorders, and consoles, we offer the best solution on the market.

  • Trusted, Proven, Best-in-Class: Achieve Your Operational Goals with Our Industry-Leading Solutions (A Combined 100+ Years in Public Safety). From Solacom (the research-backed, NG9-1-1-compliant Guardian call handling system selected by more than 500 PSAPs and governments) to Exacom (the most advanced recorders in the industry with 30 years behind them) to Avtec (extensive industry experience with a proven reputation of providing dispatch consoles to thousands of first responders since 1979), ROCK Networks has partnered with the most industry-leading solutions in emergency communication. Our partners have a combined experience of 100+ years in public safety.
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership. We offer the best value over the full life of the solution by enabling backward and forward compatibility as well as a simple migration path to new technology without having to replace legacy equipment. Simply add features when you need them: don’t pay for features you won’t need for years.
  • A Seamless, Efficient Transition (Full-Service NG9-1-1 Capabilities, End-to-End). With partners in call handling, logging recorders, and consoles, we are a rare end-to-end provider offering seamless integration regardless of your operational needs. As veteran RF engineers, we are equipped to address coverage gaps that may be preventing areas across Canada from being able to receive emergency services.
  • Highly Flexible Solutions. We have selected the most flexible solutions so that PSAPs and call takers can have complete control over every aspect of their system. The result is maximum efficiency and ONLY paying for features you need right now. Our solutions can integrate with existing systems as well.
  • Best-in-Class Technical Support. From proactive monitoring (preventing system lags by flagging upgrades and fixing them remotely) to direct lines of support and system specialists, we offer best-in-class technical support.

NG9-1-1 Solution Overview

Our turn-key solution will help you meet the CRTC guidelines seamlessly and efficiently. Most individuals believe that they can text, send images or use social media to contact emergency departments. What people don’t know is that most public safety answering points are still voice only. Learn about our affordable solution for full-service NG9-1-1.

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The CRTC has mandated a Next Generation 9-1-1 initiative which improves public emergency communications. We offer an end-to-end solution for call handling, logging recorders, and dispatch consoles.