New Product Feature: Introducing the CP100d Series Radio from Motorola

Motorola has recently released a new MOTOTRBO entry-level radio that allows you the flexibility and choice of the CP200d but at a lower price point—introducing the MOTOTRBO CP100d! Released this quarter, and available NOW. This compact and easy to use two-way radio is a perfect choice for a light user. From the guest rooms at a hotel, light manufacturing premises to moving across event locations, the CP100d is an excellent choice to connect your team wherever they are.

This budget-friendly radio delivers all the benefits of digital radios, including up to 35% longer battery life, wider coverage, and clearer audio. It is easy to use and a great choice for those migrating from analog to digital. The CP100d makes it easier for radio users to operate and communicate as your business transitions from analog to digital technology. Accessory compatibility ensures you can reuse your inventory of battery, antennas, and chargers, further protecting your investments.

This two-way radio offers display and non-display models with 16 or 160 channels. In digital mode, it provides a ton of features including:



Analog / Digital Voice Communications


Making the switch from analog to digital has never been easier.
Dual Capacity Direct Mode Unlocking the full capacity of your digital radio system by doubling your channels without the cost of a repeater and its associated infrastructure.
Transmit Interrupt (Decode Only) Increased safety when you need to reach your team quickly.
Pre-Programmed Text Messaging Allowing fast and flexible communication in high noise environments where voice is challenging to hear, or when communicating sensitive information.
Voice Announcement Provides audible confirmation of channel changes, as well as programmable buttons that eliminate the need to view the radio display.
IP54 Rated Keeping your two-way radio working in dust and water while standing up to shocks and drops.

As you can see, this entry-level radio is a great choice for a light radio use or to help you make the switch from analog to digital two-way radios. This radio is cost-effective, practical and ideal for quick and efficient communications.

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