New Partnership with Inpixon Expands Our Services for Indoor Positioning and Data Analytics

ROCK Networks, our parent company, has further expanded our portfolio by partnering with Inpixon, a leading indoor positioning and data analytics company. As a Platinum Inpixon Authorized Partner, we can provide our customers with rich analytics and mobile security for every cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth enabled device and/or asset.

“ROCK Networks’ expertise in the wireless space makes them an especially capable partner,” said Nadir Ali, Inpixon CEO. “We have successfully worked with them in the past, implementing Inpixon IPA at a very large developer, owner and operator of commercial properties. We now look forward to many more mutual successes.”

Online retail businesses have used website visitor tracking and analytics for years, but brick and mortar locations lack equivalent insights, creating an uneven playing field. Locations typically add cameras to monitor indoor activities but securing the airwaves where cell phone and other mobile devices operate is a growing challenge. Inpixon Indoor Positioning Analytics (IPA) brings visibility to properties and allows security to mitigate mobile risks to enterprises.

Originally developed as a security platform, the Inpixon IPA solution detects, monitors, and provides rich analytics for all cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth devices and assets. By using IPA’s zone-based alerts and policy controls, it’s easier than ever to enforce “no cellphone zones”, trigger network and data security policies based on location, and provide full forensic reporting should a safety or security incident occur.

More about Inpixon’s Indoor Positioning Analytics:

Detect wireless devices privately and securely to lock down sensitive data with 360° wireless cyber situational awareness and 24/7 continuous protection. IPA creates a security dome around your premises by detecting all mobile devices, alerting when an unknown device enters the area, precisely locating and continuously protecting your tracked assets, all managed in one real-time security dashboard.

High-definition visitor analytics for shopping malls, property management, banking, hospitals, schools, airports, mass transit, public venues, and more. Inpixon’s patented technology delivers businesses unparalleled accuracy on important metrics like unique versus repeat visitor counts, dwell time zone, and true customer location (not merely proximity or position) accurate within 3-5 meters in motion.

Data Analytics
Inpixon Data Sciences supercomputing platform offers 6X the device detection than the industry standard. IPA quickly provides the ability to understand visitor behaviour and how it changes over time or due to outside influences. IPA’s integrated statistical, machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, reveal emerging data patterns in real time. This data drives better analysis and decision making, while enabling managers to work more efficiently, reduce costs and improve operations.

To learn more about our expanded services with Inpixon, contact us today.

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