New Motorola CSA Intrinsically Safe Radios for the Oil and Gas Sector

Canada’s development of the oil sands and the growth of shale gas have had a significant impact on the oil and gas market in North America. Ranked third in the world in crude oil reserves after Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, Canada is poised to produce up to 6.5 million barrels a day by 2025. The industry employs over 550,000 people and contributes $18 billion to the government.

In addition to their contribution to the Canadian economy, organizations in the oil and gas sector share something in common – they rely on effective Motorola two way radio communication to power their operations. The unique requirements for two way radios in oil and gas have even lead to new devices that perform optimally in demanding work site environments.

Communication Demands

There is no room for error in the oil and gas sector. Lives and livelihoods are constantly at stake. As this industry supports the Canadian economy, it is essential that its communication requirements and solutions meet a wide-range of challenges, from safety to security to environmental concerns.

There is also a strong need for durability in two way radios and accessories, as the on-site demands for this equipment is often great. The Canadian Standards Association Intrinsically Safe (CSA IS) designation affirms that a portable radio, with an attached certified battery, is safe for use in locations where flammable gas, vapours or combustible dust may be present. This approval is critical for the oil, gas and mining industries.

Effective communication in times of a crisis is vital, as is the protection of valuable and potentially sensitive information. The right communication tools are also necessary to keep the oil and revenue flowing.

Two Way Radio Recommendations for Oil & Gas

Organizations in oil and gas look to Motorola CSA IS radios to meet their industry’s exacting demands. The following Motorola two way radios were designed with their unique needs in mind, helping facilitate efficient communication and ensure maximum safety and security:


The Motorola MotoTRBO XPR6580 CSA IS is a portable, digital two way radio equipped with a variety of features that support ease-of-use and durability for oil, gas and mining organizations, including:

  • Powerful, front-projecting speakers
  • Tri-colour LED indicator for clear, visible feedback of calling, scanning, roaming and monitoring features
  • Emergency button alerts
  • Waterproofing (submersible in 1 meter of fresh water up to 30 minutes)

This model is available in a CSA intrinsically safe option (for use in locations where flammable gas, vapours or combustible dust may be present) when ordered with the CSA/FM radio and battery option.


The Motorola MOTOTRBO XPR7550 is another portable, digital two way radio that hazardous workplaces can rely on. The XPR7550 CSA IS version of this radio is fully intrinsically safe, and a full line of heavy-duty accessories is available. It’s also equipped with a variety of features ideal for oil and gas, including:

  • Large buttons and robust volume and channel knobs for ease of use without having to remove safety gloves
  • Day/night mode to preserve workers’ vision in low light conditions
  • A prominent, one touch emergency call button
  • Intelligent Audio that automatically adjusts volume levels depending on background noise
  • Bluetooth capabilities

As Canada’s local Motorola dealer, Nova Communications has worked extensively with organizations nation-wide in the oil, gas and energy industries, providing them with trusted Motorola two way radios that enhance productivity and safety. Talk to a 2 way radio expert today, toll free: 1-877-721-7070

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