New Brunswick P25 Radio and TMR System Switch -And How Nova Can Help

New Brunswick has joined the likes of Nova Scotia and Alberta with the launch of its new trunked mobile radio system or P25 radio system for public safety users – known as NBTMR. The P25 radio system, launched recently, is expected to improve communications among first responders and related users in the province with the latest in two way radio systems.

Like in Nova Scotia, Nova Communications has its hand in this transition, with more than 20 years in the P25 radio relationship and experience. As a partner in Nova Scotia’s move to TMR, along with Bell and Motorola, Nova has experience with the implementation of these P25 radio systems, and know and understand the value it brings to you – the user.

Who Benefits?

With this new two way radio system, municipal police, volunteer fire departments, paramedics, school bus drivers and snow plow operators will be able to communicate seamlessly with each other. A total of 3,400 users will be brought on the system.

This means that public safety users in New Brunswick can easily be put in touch with their colleagues – which ensures safety and productivity can reach an all-time high in the province.

Nova Communications is presently working with our customers to understand their options about NBTMR now in place.  Our team have helped to implement the system in ambulances in the province to ensure a smooth transition to the technology.

Need P25 Radio Accessories?//

A number of municipalities and emergency services may decide to continue with their own systems, however, or upgrade their technology, but not switch to the NBTMR P25 radio system. If you’re not ready to make the investment into a the NBTMR P25 radio system, Nova can offer you a digital two way radio system that will fit your needs now, and into the future.

How Can Nova Help?

The implementation of these type of mission critical systems has been our focus for more than 30 years – our job is to understand how to provide you, the customer, a reliable, functional system that will ensure safety for residents and allow your team to do their job properly.

This starts with having the right tools. Nova Communications understands that communication is vital in emergency situations. As such, we provide public safety users with an array of durable, rugged Motorola two way radios that would suit any need in providing the tools you require. We take your needs to a new level with dispatch consoles, mobile computers, voice recording technology, fire pagers and the assets and expertise to get what you need done quickly and effectively with our partners and talented staff of engineers and technicians on board.

Having worked with various municipalities and all three levels of government in New Brunswick, we know the need for each inquiry differs. We will work with you to figure out how the communications tools we offer can enable your goals to be met, while also ensuring you’re provided a product that can withstand the environments you are asked to face daily.

Here at Nova, we will also continue to work with stakeholders during the transition to this P25 public safety two way radio system. This move will take time, but the long term benefits of better efficiency among public safety, along with safer employees, will ultimately be the outcome.

Contact Nova Communications today with any or all of your questions. With offices in Moncton, Halifax and Sydney, we are able to ensure we can address your needs for NBTMR P25 radio changes, questions about TMR2 in Nova Scotia, and more.

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