MotoTRBO Applications and What It Can Do For Manufacturing: Bringing More Efficiency to Your Company

The world of manufacturing gets more complex every year with extra demands keeping up with competitors, new technologies, and clients. Communication is more imperative than ever to avoid downtime and getting your team coordinated or correcting mistakes.

Fortunately, Motorola has long been available to help our great Canadian industries, including the manufacturing sector. Thanks to Motorola’s foresight, they’ve designed two way radios that bring the best communication technology possible.

Many Canadian manufacturers rely on Motorola’s MotoTRBO two way radios and applications to take communication to new levels. These two way radios are extremely rugged and perfect for either light or heavy-duty manufacturing companies.

When you purchase MotoTRBO radios, you get access to numerous applications to enhance efficiency through each work day.

These cover everything from dispatch coordination to personnel safety.

Here’s more about MotoTRBO applications and what they can do for manufacturing.

Voice Dispatch

Through Motorola’s voice dispatch application, your dispatcher has an easier way to coordinate your staff. Connectivity becomes even more enhanced through multi-system patching to create numerous communication options.

You can acquire this through TRBOnet, where you’ll find all apps for Motorola radios. The voice dispatch application gives your dispatcher numerous features they’ll use beyond just coordinating. Many of these features are hard to find all in one app.

As an example, you’ll have transmit and receive (RX/TX) capability over multiple channels simultaneously. You also get selected and unselected channels through left/right speakers, plus volume control on every channel.

The Passive Transmit feature records an employee’s voice before sending. Then the system waits to transmit until your channels become free to assure clarity.

Voicemail is yet another great feature working on all offline two way radios. With phone interconnect, you can create more intercommunication among your staff (though you need an added SIP server to make this work).

In the realm of safety, especially in manufacturing, the application gives you everything needed to handle emergencies. It allows easy evacuation messages so everyone gets word when there’s a life-threatening issue. Voice recording is just as easy so you don’t have employees in the dark about what’s occurring.

Work Ticket Management

This application gets used to enhance efficiency and accountability in your facility. Dispatchers use this to create, assign and track job tickets through your radio network. It enables you to create better processes through a one-button click process. Workers can accept, decline, or finish a task through this method or via predetermined text messages.

As a result of this convenient system, you automate workflow to all employees, reduce system usage and reaction time. You also get more visibility in the tasks assigned to make management of jobs easier to handle.

Job Ticketing

Available again through TRBOnet, the features for ticketing have availability on all SL and full-display radios from Motorola. This application works in real-time so you don’t have to wait to get job ticket tracking. A task control panel and management dashboard are available to keep track of everything while on the go, including on mobile devices.

Safety for Your Personnel

Motorola always takes safety seriously with their two way radios and applications. The Man Down and Lone Worker features are automatically built into the MotoTRBO radios to help provide better safety and accountability for those working on the manufacturing floor.

Both Man Down and Lone Worker send alerts out via the radio when a worker hasn’t contacted a dispatcher after a set length of time. Man Down is especially important because it sends alerts when a worker has a life-threatening health event.

Here at Nova Communications, we’re committed to making sure you acquire the right Motorola two way radios and that they keep running optimally for you and your team.

To learn more about the above applications, contact us. We’re available to make sure the apps get properly installed and that your team learns about what MotoTRBO radios can do for them.

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