Motorola Two Way Radios Stand Out Against Latest From Garmin

While Garmin is known for rugged and reliable products, they are known mostly for their GPS applications and abilities. Recently, they announced the release of the Rino® 750 and 755t rugged GPS Navigator with additional two way radio and connected features. The focus here is that it’s a GPS product and yes, with its two way radio features, it’s probably able to work as a bit of a communications tool as well. It will, however, not meet the needs of someone looking for a reliable source of connecting with friends and family in wilderness environments, or as a business communication tool.

We discuss more below.

The two way radio built into the Garmin device is a FRS (or family radio service radio). It’s meant for light levels of communication among friends and family in smaller range of areas, but certainly not as a trusted communication tool for safety and the workplace.

So what are your options?

This really depends on what you’re using it for. Let’s look at two scenarios:

If you’re using the device in wilderness environments for your business – in settings such as ski resorts, other recreation sites and the like, you really have two options – two way radios or satellite phones, depending on how remote your users will be.

Two way radios are ideal for general remote locations and for multiple reasons. They ensure communication among team members, of course, which in turn ensures safety among your team. A number of newer, digital two way radios are equipped with additional features like GPS tracking, too!

Above all else, the Garmin device is a GPS first – great for finding where you’re going – but it’s not going to work as a tracking tool for your team members and wasn’t built for a two way radio as a communication tool.

If you don’t want a two way radio, and are working in extremely remote locations, a satellite phone might be a great option to consider. These ensure communication in the wilderness but, of course, do not offer GPS tracking, but a GPS feature is possible, and some come with SOS buttons.

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If, however, you’re looking for a communication tool in the workplace, with additional GPS tracking abilities, then Motorola MotoTRBO products are great options. MotoTRBO offers a digital two way radio system that has incredible clarity, which reduces the trouble of background noise, and durability – backed by Motorola’s research and development testing.

The average lifespan of a MotoTRBO radio is five to seven years, for example, whereas other products – especially with technology – cannot boast the same features. Additional features of the MotoTRBO two way radios include text messaging abilities, along with Man Down and Lone Worker applications.

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