Motorola Remote Speaker Microphones Key to Success

Sometimes, when you’re working on the job, you don’t want to tie yourself to your mobile two way radio in your vehicle. A number of industries with mobile radios (with in-vehicle mount), including emergency services, utilities, couriers and public safety, shouldn’t feel limited when they decide to exit to do their work. Another thing they shouldn’t feel is that they’re out of communication with their dispatch centre.

Enter Motorola’s long-range Wireless Bluetooth Remote Speaker Mic. This device is a perfect solution for those times when you need to exit your vehicle, but want to keep communication close at hand. If you’re in and out, but don’t want to have to resort to going back inside to relay important information, this is an excellent option for your team. Having this speaker mic enables better efficiency and productivity on the job as a result.

With mere moments required to set it up, this speaker mic’s range is about 100 metres (or 325 foot) – within line of site – plenty of ability to drop off a package, check a driver’s license, or put a car on the back of a tow truck.

The benefit of this speaker mic, also, is that it’s built by Motorola, meaning it’s been tested rigorously to the same standards you have come to expect, and have seen, from your Motorola two way radio.

Working in a noisy environment? That’s no concern, either. These remote speaker mics are made with that in mind, and for mission critical environments. These accessories reduce background noise so voices come through loud and clear. Whether there’s a siren in the background or you’re working on a construction site, you can ensure it is not an issue.

If you’re using a portable radio, we have speaker microphones for just that, as well!

These products are also designed for the noisiest environments, and can withstand extreme environmental conditions as well. Many of these remote speaker mics have IP57 ratings, meaning they are built tough to withstand rain, snow, sleet and dust – whatever you put them through. Working around a hose? That’s fine, too!

Some options to choose from:

XE Remote Speaker Mic – Manufactured with dual-mic noise suppression, the controls on this device are larger so they can be used with gloves when on the work site. Built with firefighters and public safety employees in mind, this mic is designed with ergonomics and for noisy environments.

APX Remote Mic – Ideal for police officers and public safety employees, this thin design is built with fantastic ergonomics. Designed to do well in all the weather conditions you may face, and with noise suppression, it will definitely hold up to your environment.

Here at Nova Communications, we have a number of speaker mics that will work for both your portable and mobile two way radios. Depending on your industry, we can customize and ensure that the mic you choose will meet the needs of you and your team.

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