Motorola PM400 Radio Users Have Plenty of Upgrade Options

When it comes to Motorola mobile radios, a number of industries have seen the benefits two way radios offer for their team.

The Motorola PM400 is a two way radio that long stood out in meeting the needs for a variety of businesses and industries – from agriculture, construction, manufacturing, and transportation. But mobile two way radios have changed in recent years, and the Motorola PM400 is no longer in production.

There are definite benefits to this change. The Motorola PM400 was an analog-only two way radio. With the recent change to digital two way radios, the technology in the Motorola PM400 will soon be obsolete. There are, however, many benefits to a digital radio when you’re ready for the upgrade, and we’ll start with the ones we hear about from those that have made the switch:

  • More Channels for better communication among your team
  • Brighter, clearer displays – perfect when you’ve got users on the move
  • Larger, better speakers for messaging

Other key benefits include:

  • Durability – Whether you’re a portable or mobile two way radio user, you know people are tough on equipment. That won’t change with a digital upgrade, but what will change is your radios ability to handle it. A number of the digital mobile radios are rated with IP54 – dust proof and protected against water splashes – perfect for mobile two way radio users.
  • Audio Benefits – This is where you truly notice the benefit of digital. Not only are new digital two way radios built for noisy work environments, they cater to your needs with many featuring an automatic background noise reduction and wind reduction feature that ensures messages get through when you need it most.
  • Better Range – Imagine 20 to 40 per cent more range than what you’re getting with your Motorola PM400 or older mobile two way radio.
  • Added features like Bluetooth – This keeps users on the go effective, and pairs nicely with accessories that make their job easier (and keep wires from tangling up your efforts). Other features include safety options like Lone Worker and Man Down – to ensure your team stays safe.

So, as a Motorola PM400 radio user, what are your best options if you’re looking for an upgrade? We have a few suggestions below:


A cost effective solution for your communication needs, the CM200D is built for the everyday mobile two way radio user. Built as both analog and digital capable, your team can transition at their own pace to digital – making it compatible with older radios for the time being (including the Motorola PM400!) until you’re ready to make a switch from analog.


Both compact and capable of getting the job done, and keeping team’s connected, the XPR2500 provides ease of use for its users. Also analog and digital capable, making it compatible with older radios for the time being until you’re ready to make the change. Built with enhanced privacy for the busy worker and business.


As one of the newest releases in Motorola mobile radios, the XPR5550e is the top of the line in digital mobile radios. Keep your teams better connected, safer and more productive. Built for skilled professionals, this mobile radio features high level voice and data, along with extra features like integrated WiFi, text messaging and work order ticketing, as potential features.

Keep in mind, if you’re a Motorola PM400 user, you can still get the accessories you need from Nova for that mobile radio if you’re not ready for an upgrade. But when the time comes, Nova Communications has the knowledge and expertise to determine the best option for your team.

With more than 30 years in the business, Nova Communications has a team of two way radio experts that can help meet the needs of your business. Contact us today with questions, or start with the free Radio Selector Guide below – within two minutes, we can tell you the best mobile or portable two way radio for your needs.

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