Motorola P25 Radios – From XTL-XTS to APX

Motorola discontinued the last of the XTL-XTS series radios at the end of October 2014. The XTL-XTS series has been the trusted defacto public safety radio in Canada and around the world. Meet the next generation of P25 public safety two way radio: the new Motorola APX portfolio.

The APX brings the same rugged form factor, encryption options, and numerous configuration and accessory options. APX also delivers a number of improved features such as:

  • Impressive noise-canceling and self-adjusting audio for even the most challenging noise environments.
  • Data capabilities including text messaging and GPS location.
  • Real-time programming over the air with Programming over P25 (POP25).
  • Top models which operate multiband so users can communicate on frequencies like 700MHz P25 and VHF simultaneously.

The ASTRO APX portfolio organizes the mobile and portable radios by tier:

  • APX 1000 – The budget-friendly entry level for local systems and non-public safety users such as public works departments.
  • APX 3000 – Specially designed for use for public safety covert applications and Intrinsically Safe.
  • APX 4000 – Mid-tier radio with Bluetooth, man-down, POP25, dual microphone, IP67 water submersion and Intrinsically Safe. Soon to have optional encryption capability.
  • APX 6000 – Full feature APX 6000 designed for law enforcement with advanced noise suppression, Delta T heat and water immersion ruggedness, and full encryption options. The 6000XE model is for fire with color and form factors for fire users. Both Intrinsically Safe. 
  • APX 7000 – Add dual band interoperability with the 7000 for law enforcement and the 7000XE for fire. 

There are many accessories and extensions available for APX:

  • A popular new accessory is the Bluetooth remote speaker microphone which offers impressive range and voice clarity. 
  • The IMPRES intelligent battery management system helps make sure radio batteries last longer than the shift and maximize battery lifespan. 
  • The APX series also works seamlessly with the new series of digital vehicle repeater (DVR) to extend coverage into hard-to-reach areas.

The evolution from XTL-XTS to APX is mirrored by a similar evolution of consoles from the venerable Centracom Gold Elite to the new MCC7500. The MCC7500 console is a feature-rich IP-based public safety console that offers full interoperability with various data sources and communications systems.

Nova is a Platinum partner for Motorola Canada and approved and trained on the P25 offerings.  Nova Communications is also working with Bell Mobility to implement and support the new province-wide TMR2 P25 system in Nova Scotia.

Contact us to discuss your P25 radio, accessory, DVR and console requirements. To learn more about the Motorola ASTRO 25 system and compatible radios, download the free Motorola Astro 25 “at-a-glance” brochure. Also check out our P25 checklist below.

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