Motorola MOTOTRBO Two Way Radio Applications Overview

While Motorola digital two way radios continue to be the leading communications tool across Canadian industries, most companies are still unsure of the type of software applications they need to support their unique operation. Do you need to connect different types of technology with your radios, such as cell phones and in-vehicle consoles? Do you need to keep track of personnel and equipment?

The other factor that companies need to consider when choosing software applications for their two way radios is who will be responsible for managing and updating the technology. Businesses often have difficulty finding the time and personnel to take on these responsibilities, especially without a dedicated IT department.

To continue providing customizable communications solutions for every industry, Motorola has introduced the Sold and Supported Program for MOTOTRBO digital two way radio applications. This program gives MOTOTRBO radio system users access to the largest portfolio of commercial software applications in the industry, with full support and management services from Nova Communications.

Safe Dispatch for Emergency Services
This application provides a detailed mapping user interface with a variety of location-enabled features that offer 24/7 critical information about mobile assets and personnel. Dispatch centres have full access to real-time GPS/AVL via Google Maps with speed/heading, PTT and VoIP dispatch with call recording and logging, emergency alarms, and enhanced analytics with location-based reports that are exportable to email.

FirstPAGE for Manufacturing
This MOTOTRBO radio app provides a hardware/software interoperable bridge between alarms and events that occur in industrial manufacturing equipment and systems. Automated status messages are delivered in real-time to a specific hierarchy of individuals via personal communication devices such as two way radios (digital and analog), pagers, email, smartphones, and tablets. With FirstPAGE integrating personnel and machinery, manufacturers have been able to reduce unplanned downtime, increase production value, and improve worker safety.

TRBOnet Plus for Construction
This application is provides a scalable communications solution for up to 250 job sites, making It the leading MOTOTRBO two way radio app in the construction industry. Fleet managers can monitor workers and equipment in real time to ensure maximum safety and productivity. TRBOnet Plus provides detailed travel routes, GeoFencing capabilities, and logs radio movements in- building or across wide areas and multiple sites.

SMC Gateway for Healthcare
The SMC Gateway application connects digital radio networks to a range of devices and external systems. This software provides healthcare organizations with a full range of communications solutions that were created to improve emergency response time. For instance, when an alarm is initiated, the Nurse Call feature will automatically send a text message to the radio system, SMS to phones, or even an email, allowing staff to proactively respond as soon as the event occurs.

These are just a few of the applications available to enhance MOTOTRBO digital radio (DMR) systems for every type of industry and operation. To find out more about how the Motorola Sold and Supported Program can save your business time and money, download our free fact sheet below.

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As Atlantic Canada’s largest communications system integrator, Nova Communications has experience with all aspects of design, installation, and management of Motorola two way radio devices and applications. Our team is here to help answer any questions you have about Motorola MOTOTRBO Sold and Supported applications for digital two way radios.

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