Motorola MotoTRBO Radios Are the Latest in Digital Transmission

Clear communication is crucial in any business, but certain environments present more challenges to communication than others. Do you work on a noisy construction site? In a busy manufacturing plant? Way out in the wilderness where coverage can be spotty? If so, you probably know the frustration of trying to hear or transmit a message on a radio that’s just not doing the job: either there’s too much static or too much background noise – and getting through either takes forever or doesn’t happen at all.

Motorola had your needs in mind when they designed their series of MotoTRBO digital two way radios. With models for virtually any application, there’s a good reason this radio is the platform of choice for many organizations.

Top of the list for most businesses looking for new two way radios is simply clearer communications, and the MotoTRBO delivers. It comes with an Intelligent Audio feature that automatically adjusts radio volume up and down in response to the level of noise in the workplace. Combined with the radio’s background noise suppression feature, you can be confident that all your communications are loud and clear, whether you’re standing in an office or next to a jack-hammer.

Beyond that, the MotoTRBO has plenty of features that make it the clear choice for businesses that need to take their communications to the next level:

  • Analog and Digital: Most models can operate in both analog and digital, making it easier to transition to digital from an existing analog system.
  • Longer Battery Life: Since MotoTRBO two way radios use much less power in digital mode than analog, batteries last significantly longer on a single charge – up to 40%. With Motorola’s industry-leading IMPRES battery technology, your team will have the longest lasting, most reliable, and least costly battery option on the market.
  • Increased Range: Hear calls clearly over a greater range. MotoTRBO digital voice delivers voice integrity and clarity to the limits of coverage. Gone are the days of static communications on the outskirts of your coverage range.
  • Enhanced Safety and Accountability: Man Down and Lone Worker applications can send an emergency message for help if an employee is injured and can’t make the call. In addition, the GPS can track workers and vehicles.
  • Durability for the Harshest Conditions: Rugged and waterproof radios endure a rigorous Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) program, which simulates up to five years of use. Products are manufactured to survive the harsh conditions of everyday business.
  • Full Range of Products: Whether you want ultra-light portables with integrated Bluetooth, extra-tough and powerful portables with CSA Intrinsically Safe certification, or standard portable and mobile two way radios for everyday use that won’t break your budget, MotoTRBO has the right devices and systems to fit your workforce now, and allow you to evolve as your enterprise grows.

Motorola has taken one of their best selling two way radios, the CP200, and updated it for a digital world with the new CP200D.  The CP200D is an entry level MotoTRBO two way radio that can be purchased as either analog or digital models. With the dutrability that customer have come to expect from Motorola, at a price point that will meet all budgets, the CP200D is the choice for basic radio communications in Canada.

An excellent mid-tier model is the XPR3500 radio, with longer battery life with IMPRES and the ability to make the transition from your current analog radios to a digital system on your timeline and budget.

Step it up with the XPR 7550 radio that includes “best-in-class audio.” Features like Intelligent Audio, integrated Bluetooth, a color screen with background lighting that allows for easier reading at night, are all packed into this radio. There is also the XPR7550 CSA IS for customers in hazardous environments that need intrinsically safe radios for communications. The XPR7550 is Canada’s leading choice for workers that need the most out of their two way radios.

The SL Series is light and thin, but like a small smartphone, it comes with advanced capabilities. Motorola has designed the SL300 and SL7000 series radios with excellent user features like color screen, integrated Bluetooth audio, and comfort that is designed for all members of your staff.

Finally, there is a full line of accessories to pair with the MotoTRBO radios, from wireless Bluetooth earpieces and headsets, industry leading IMPRES batteries and chargers, to lightweight easy-to-wear carry accessories.

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