Motorola MotoTRBO Digital Mobile Radio Portfolio: New Features For Your Team In The Field

It’s true that Motorola’s MotoTRBO digital series of two way radios are the best in the industry. With leading features like crystal clear audio, superior signal strength and incredible durability, Motorola MotoTRBO radios are the standard in most industries. While you likely have seen the portable radios, their mobile radios are just as impressive, with amazing power output, rugged construction and now even Bluetooth audio in some models to comply with distracted driving laws.  

Motorola is known for listening to their users and continually evolving their radios to stand up to the harshest conditions. At the same time, improving features provides ways to make communication in challenging workplaces – such as construction sites, emergency services and oil rigs – more efficient. Safety is at the heart of these industries, and these new mobile radios provide ways to communicate better, without confusion or physical obstructions. Similarly, they’re built tough to withstand harsh environments.

CM200D/CM300D Mobile Radios

Motorola’s CM series design has coordination and collaboration in mind. These have intended use for drivers who need to keep in contact with distribution headquarters, in order to maintain more efficient deliveries. Regardless, they’re used for any type of vehicle, which includes firefighters who need information at the site of emergencies. They also need a way to communicate back to dispatchers to relay information about what’s occurred.

The latest CM200D and CM300D models offer analog or digital options, so you can choose a more basic model and expand later. With the analog model, you can upgrade quickly to a fully featured digital radio with increased distance and audio clarity. On the CM300, you have a clear alphanumeric display with caller ID, channel and contact methods with easy readability in any lighting conditions.

The XPR2500

Some of the above features carry over to the XPR2500 mobile radio, though you have some other valuable technology. Intelligent Audio in digital mode solves the old problem of picking up background noise. With automatic volume control, you don’t have to manually adjust the sound in loud or quiet settings. Using IMPRES Audio technology, the XPR2500 gives you perfect audio clarity, no matter your location or situation. You’re guaranteed excellent sound using either analog or digital radios.

XPR5350/XPR5550 Mobile Radios

The XPR5000 series of mobile radios step up and bring you features to meet the demands of your business. One-touch buttons are a smart safety feature so those out in the field can easily summon help if needed. Motorola has numerous safety features to make using these radios valuable for any driver.  The XPR5550 adds more comprehensive capabilities. and better displays in day/night modes. In addition, displays are full color with a flexible, menu-driven interface.

Both the XPR5350 and the XPR5550 include integrated Bluetooth capability for the option of using handsfree radios communications. With the small and easy to install PTT (Press-to-Talk) Bluetooth button you can still talk on your mobile radio without removing your hands from the wheel. That is a safety feature all drivers would like.

Why the XPR5000 Series is Important for On-the-Go Vehicles

All of the features above help those who have to drive vehicles in harsh conditions for either delivery or emergency purposes. Some of these environments include off-road trails, back-country oilfields, and even dusty construction sites. In Canada, seasons can become treacherous, and Motorola’s XPR5000 mobile radios are designed to withstand the worst conditions. They’re reliable when a driver needs a lifeline for help, or when issues on the job arise. Now, your employees can work more efficiently while in the field, whether it’s through intense rainstorms, winds, or heavy snow.

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