Motorola Minitor VI Pager: What Makes It The Best?

Motorola has long been consistent in providing the best communication technology in the world, though they go far beyond just two way radios. For years, they’ve have also been the market leaders in pagers through their Minitor pager products. Firefighters depend on their Minitor pagers for notification during critical and urgent situations. Motorola is consistently listening to their emergency services customers and improving the Minitor pager features to accommodate greater challenges on the job.

Because of Motorola’s constant improvements, last year they introduced the Minitor VI, which is the next line of pagers in their long-running series. The Motorola Minitor VI pager added a few features that everyone who works in the emergency services industry should know about. Some improvements occurred, including better pager memory, as well as more efficiency in repairs.

Improved Channel Capacity

You have more options on channel capacity with the Minitor VI. Now, you can choose between either one or five channels, which includes narrow or wide-band programmable channel spacing. For bandwidth, the pager can operate at 12.5 KHz on narrowband, and 25 KHz for wideband. One pager can basically cover the entire VHF band from 143-174 MHz, and two pagers cover the UHF band from 406-430MHz and 450-470MHZ.

More Voice Storage

Trying to find enough storage time for voice messages on pagers has always been a problem. For firefighters, getting messages of address or location in the early morning hours has always been a challenge. When every second counts in emergency situations, being able to replay an address or location is critical.

The previous Motorola Minitor V had an optional eight minutes of voice message time, it’s now been doubled on the VI model. As the world gets more complicated, and fire departments deal with more complex issues, having this extra amount of voice storage allows for improved communication that could save more lives.

Easier User Programming

Once, when you bought pagers, you had to send them to a dealer to have them properly programmed. Now, the Minitor VI has an option programming kit and FREE downloadable software to allow you to program your pager wherever you are.

This means you no longer have to go through the hassle and confusion of getting your pagers programmed so they work correctly. At times, sending your pagers to a dealer like Nova Communications can be difficult. Guys are in the field and being without a pager for a few days is not an ideal situation. With the optional programming kit and FREE software you’ll be able to save time and dollars for your department. This is another example of how Motorola listens to the concerns of their customers and makes changes for the better.

Extended Warranty

The Minitor VI continues to double its features, with Motorola offering a two year warranty, over the previous one-year. They realized that fire department pagers go through more wear and tear in two years than they do in just one. This warranty doesn’t stop here, though. You can get an extended five-year warranty that keeps your pagers working through the worst conditions for years to come.

Quicker Repairs

When your pagers need repaired, you won’t have to wait for long to get them fixed. Here at Nova Communications, we can fix your Minitor VI pagers in-house so you have them returned faster. On previous pager models, they had to be sent to Motorola to get them serviced. Despite always being dependable, it could take weeks of time to get them serviced and sent back to an address. When you need those pagers immediately for your firefighting team, you need fast, personal service.

Contact us here at Nova Communications to learn more about the new Minitor VI and to explore our inventory of Motorola products.

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