Motorola DTR650 Keeps Schools Secure

School administrators, faculty and parent associations already know that two way radios or walkie talkies are a powerful tool for enhancing school safety, security and efficiency. Two way radios like the Motorola DTR650 make it easier to keep everyone in touch, from teachers and administrators to crossing guards, and maintenance staff — improving safety, security and performance while increasing incident prevention.

Regardless of context – whether it’s at after-school programs, bus loading zones, playgrounds, sports fields, assemblies, field trips or even in the classroom – student safety and security remains a priority at all schools. The Motorola DTR650 keeps everyone connected in real time, allowing for quick responses to any situation and often preventing small problems from escalating into bigger ones, all while maintaining private communication.

Motorola DTR650 for Privacy and Security

The Motorola DTR650 operates on the 900 MHz ISM frequency-hopping digital spread spectrum, which is unique to the device. Not only does this help ensure private communication; it means that no licensing is required, so schools can stay on-budget with no set-up fees or ongoing charges.

One of Nova Communications’ top selling two way radios, the Motorola DTR650 is renowned for its enhanced performance and superb in-building coverage – up to 350,000 square feet or 30 floors (with long whip antenna accessory). It’s long battery life and digital audio quality make it the perfect two way radio for inside schools, as well as on campus or at events offsite.

Motorola DTR650 Features and Benefits for Schools

  • Operates on 900 MHz ISM spectrum, unique to the device
  • No licensing required
  • Highly portable and lightweight at only 7.6oz
  • Superior in-building coverage – up to 350,000 sq. ft of coverage
  • Lithium ion battery, providing extra-long life with minimum 14 hours of operation per full charge
  • Digital audio quality
  • Rugged polycarbonate casing
  • Meets military 810 C, D, E, and F specifications for shock, vibration, water, dust and temperature extremes
  • Quickly configurable
  • Offers private, secure communications

Nova Communications has worked extensively with schools and the larger education industry across Canada, providing them with trusted Motorola two way radios that enhance productivity, safety and privacy. Talk to a two way radio expert today, toll free: 1-877-721-7070 or start with the FREE Portable Radio Selection Guide below.

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