Motorola CP200 Series Two Way Radio Battery Options

Everyday we get calls from customers wondering which battery will fit on their Motorola CP200 or Motorola CP200d two way radios. We thought we would take a couple of minutes and see if we can help you by giving an easy guide for our customers.

A couple of interesting facts about the Motorola CP200 Series before we dive into the batteries:

  1. The same batteries that fit on a CP200 model two way radio will also fit on the CP150, PR400, CP200XLS, and the new Motorola CP200d MotoTRBO Digital radio.
  2. The Motorola CP200 series of radios is Motorola’s most popular radio sold in North America. With millions of units in the field, it has been tested in all conditions and holds up very well.
  3. As mentioned earlier, the new Motorola CP200d radio was released in spring 2014. It has all the great features of the standard CP200, but can also be upgraded to MotoTRBO digital radio when the time is right for your organization.  Also, all the accessories from the Motorola CP200 analog models will work with the new CP200D radio.

Motorola CP200 Battery Options

There are a few Motorola CP200 batteries available:

Motorola NNTN4497 – This is the most popular model of battery for the Motorola CP200 radios.  This Li-ion battery has over 2200 mAh of  capacity and will last over 12 hours in regular radio operation. This is the standard battery that is supplied with the Motorola CP200 and Motorola CP200d series of radios.

Motorola NNTN4851 – The NNTN4851 is a NiMH battery that is good for use in extreme temperature environments. With less capacity than other CP200 batteries we only recommend this for users that will be using the radios in extreme cold or warm locations.

Motorola NNTN4970 – The Motorola NNTN4970 is a slim line Li-ion battery for use with Motorola CP200 series of radios. Although it is lower in capacity, it is also lighter weight and easier to carry for daily use. With six to eight hours of talk time, the NNTN4970 battery works well for some customers.

Other Options:

We also wanted to make you aware of two other budget-priced batteries that are available for the CP200 radios. These batteries are not of the same quality and life of the authorized Motorola Batteries, but may work well for customers on a budget. The MagOne by Motorola PMNN4458 & PMNN4072 batteries are available for customers working on a tight budget and not using the radios for safety.

If it were my money?

If it was my money, we would recommend purchasing the NNTN4497 battery. It has excellent life at 10-12 hours and has an excellent form factor for easy to carry around on your belt. We see almost none of the batteries come back for warranty – they work perfectly. We think the little extra you’ll spend will be made up in the convenience of long battery life, no warranty hassles and works well in all environments.

If you have any questions on two way radio batteries for Motorola CP200 two way radios or any radio option, please feel free to contact us or call us at 1-877-721-7070 and we’d be pleased to help.

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