Motorola Announces Intent-to-Cancel Digital Radio Models, Releases Replacement Models

Want longer battery life, better range and clarity than you thought possible in a digital two way radio?

Motorola has launched its latest technology in the MotoTRBO line of digital two way radios – and the benefits are plentiful. The “E” series of digital radios provides both portable and mobile digital radio options with a number of upgraded features that will make your work day that much easier.

Imagine a digital radio that can work through not one, but two or even three shifts without having to worry about re-charging. With the E series of Motorola digital radios – including the XPR3000e (XPR3300e and XPR3500e), SL7550e and XPR7000e (XPR7350e and XPR7550e) portable radios – batteries are built to last up to 29 hours with upgrades. That’s one less worry for you and your team, and cuts concerns over downtime.

The added bonus? The latest technology is either similar prices or lower in price than its predecessor – making it a great time to make a change.

Digital two way radios are known for having up to 40% more range than the previous analog two way radios. With the E series you can get up to 8% more range than with the previous models – ensuring every corner of your shop, warehouse, store or plant is covered.

If you work in environments with exposure to the elements – whether it’s in the yard, or working predominantly outdoors or near water sources – the E series is for you! With improved IP ratings, which include full dust protection and, in some models, full waterproof protection for up to one metre. These digital radios are made for the toughest user, and keep Canadian workers in mind when they were designed.

The audio quality in the Motorola digital radios is also worth noting. Work in a noisy environment? With no time to shut down machines in order to hear the next order, or questions from colleagues, Motorola has the Intelligent Audio feature – which automatically cancels out and adjusts background noise for you – saving you valuable time in repeating messages or simply fiddling with the volume control throughout your day.

And, if you’re looking for a digital two way radio that can be used in hazardous work environments, there are UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Hazloc Intrinsically safe certifications for both the XPR3000e and XPR7000e series radios. When properly equipped with Motorola UL-Approved battery, these radios are UL-Approved to TIA-4950 for use in Hazardous Locations, Division 1, Class I, II, III, Groups C,D,E, F, G; Division 2, Class 1, Groups A,B,C,D. This ensures that when your employees are exposed to hazardous materials, they can be safe knowing their two way radio is not going to cause any trouble when used around flammable materials.

If, however, you have some of the first models that came out with the Motorola MotoTRBO digital two way radios, Motorola announced last week that purchasing the following portable (handheld) and mobile (vehicle mounted) radios will not be possible after February 2017:

Portable Radios (Handheld)

  • XPR3300
  • XPR3500
  • XPR7350
  • XPR7550
  • SL7550

Mobile Radios (Vehicles Mounted or Base Stations)

  • XPR5350
  • XPR5550

This follows the announcement last year about Motorola discontinuing the manufacturing of other first generation models, including:

Portable Radios (Handheld)

  • XPR6100
  • XPR6300
  • XPR6350
  • XPR6500
  • XPR6550

Mobile Radios (Vehicle Mounted or Base Stations)

  • XPR4300
  • XPR4350
  • XPR4500
  • XPR4550

So what does this mean for you?

It’s simple. If you have these previous generations of Motorola digital two way radios, they will continue to work for you, and service support is still available. If you’re looking to add to your fleet, or purchase two way radios, it would be worth considering the “E” series.

A number of accessories from the discontinued models above – including headsets, earpieces and speaker mics – will continue to be compatible with the latest “E” series models – making it easier to transition when the time comes. This also includes batteries and chargers – so spare accessories can be used with your latest technology if and when you upgrade.

It’s important to note that this does not impact all MotoTRBO products – other models such as the SL300 slim and portable digital two way radio, along with the CP200d remain in place. If you were to purchase the latest generation, also, they will continue to work with older MotoTRBO models.

Want to learn more about this transition? Nova Communications is well versed in digital two way radio knowledge and has been in the business for more than 30 years. Our two way radio experts will walk you through this process, and answer any questions you may have about this change.

Contact us today and let us know if we can help.

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