Taking Manufacturing Communication to a New Level – Across Devices

As technology develops, and as the expectation of customers continues to grow, staff and organizations in the manufacturing industry are faced with increased pressures. Today’s consumers expect a quick turnaround on products, which increases the need for efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Manufacturers, however, do not want to compromise on safety to meet those expectations.

This is where team communications come into play. When teams are able to communicate quickly, clearly and instantly, downtime is reduced, deadlines are met, and consumers are satisfied. This means repeat sales for your teams, whether it’s through returning revenues or positive recommendations.

But how do you meet those needs when each aspect of your business requires different communication tools and equipment to get the job done?

Motorola’s team communications allow manufacturing communications to excel. This platform takes push-to-talk (PTT) beyond two way radios, to include any device that your team members require – two way radios, laptops, and tablets, cellular or landlines – can all be connected.

The result? The workplaces that have made the switch have seen up to a 25% improvement in productivity.

So who will it work for? The answer is simple – there is something for any team member. Let’s take a look:

Executive – If you’re an executive in a manufacturing environment, you may not always be in direct contact with your whole team, and most certainly don’t rely on a two way radio for your team communications. You’re likely to have access to a smartphone, which is part of the tools in your belt for keeping in touch with managers and checking in to ensure everything within your facility is running smoothly.

With the touch of a button on your smartphone, you can connect with other devices your team is using (including two way radios, other smartphones, laptops and more) – from anywhere, and anytime. That way, when you need to communicate immediately, you can.

• Instant conversations with push-to-talk feature on smartphone through applications, among all employees
• Monitor workplace efficiencies anytime, anywhere

Managers – Managers have a tough job of being both on the floor and in the office, but are required to keep their eyes, and ears, on everything happening. Often times, managers are using multiple tools – including two way radios, phones and/or laptops. But all three of those devices aren’t on a manager at all times. This is where manufacturing communication can excel. Whether it’s an executive team member looking for an answer to a question, or a safety concern on the floor, answers happen quickly, and teams are better for it. Extra features of team communications include:

• Communication with frontline staff from offices and more
• Use applications to track workflows and catch inefficiencies quickly, and resolve them even quicker
• Monitor employees via GPS tracking

All of this is available from any device – two way radios, laptops, smartphones or tablets!

Dispatch – Employees working in dispatch need to focus on logistics to support the efforts of a day running smoothly. One thing your dispatch team shouldn’t have to think about is what device they need to communicate with the floor or for getting in touch with a manager. Team communications allow dispatch to communicate with whatever team member they need to ensure operations continue the way they’re intended. Other features:

• Integrated console technology offers ability to dispatch team members, and communicate with various team members in various departments
• Monitor employees and applications – from anytime, anywhere

Production Staff – Your production staff works hard spending a lot of time on their feet, and under a lot of pressure. Often times, these team members are using two way radios to communicate with dispatch and managers. With team communications applications, they can rest assured that when they need to get a question answered, it will be done quickly. Other advantages to managers and dispatch include:

• Work order management and tracking for optimal efficiency. Have a new task? Send it through to your staff immediately and watch your efficiency soar.

The wonderful thing about team communications through Motorola is safety doesn’t take a back seat. Employees are able to work smarter, not harder, and risks in what can be a dangerous work environment can be controlled.

Approximately 86% of manufacturing decision makers see safety as a priority. With the ability to connect anywhere – whether it’s within your facilities, or at other locations in other cities or towns, you know your team’s safety numbers will benefit as a result.

A number of manufacturing plants have seen the benefit of the latest in two way radios from Motorola. With longer battery life (up to 29 hours with upgrade), better durability, better range and a technology built for noisy work environments with background noise levels reduced for clear messages, your team is connected when it matters most.

Want to find out what the right team communications technology can do for your business? Nova Communications is Canada’s number one Motorola retail dealer. With more than 30 years in the business, our team of two way radio experts can help you understand the value of team communications and the benefit for your organization. Contact us today for more information, or download the information below.

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