Key Benefits of Leasing with Catalyst

While updating your critical communication equipment such as two-way radios is a wise investment in safety and productivity, you may not always have the cash on hand to make a lump sum payment. That is why we also offer leasing options! We have partnered with Catalyst to provide you with more opportunities and choices when making important purchasing decisions. Catalyst provides tailored solutions to meet your leasing needs, allowing you to take full advantage of all the benefits of leasing, such as:

  • Conserving capital
  • Tax advantages
  • Fixed costs
  • Simplifying budgeting
  • Flexible and simple payment plans
  • Avoiding obsolescence

Benefits of Leasing Equipment 

In the age of technology, trends are constantly evolving, and Catalyst has your equipment completely covered in case of obsolescence. For example, if a radio model becomes outdated or no longer needed, you can upgrade your radios to a newer version with ease. This allows complete ownership without the risk of commitment to a certain technology and a faster turnaround time when acquiring equipment. Easy replacements after a few years mean that you will always have updated and modern products.

Catalyst believes in an ‘ease of acquisition’ model, meaning that after you select the equipment required, you can also choose the perfect payment term according to your set budget. It’s a simple and convenient process, with payments tailored to your cash flow. Your money, your rules! These fixed payments simplify your budgeting process and help with savings in the long run due to lower monthly payments. Most importantly, leasing with Catalyst means you are making fixed payments, so you won’t have to worry about interest rates or sudden price increases!

Benefits of Switching from Capital to Operating Expenditure

Day-to-day expenses, such as repairs, maintenance, and routine operations, fall under operating expenditure (OpEx). When you lease equipment, your lease payments fall under OpEx and allow you to realize the benefits of OpEx, including:

  • It’s only a commitment to equipment for a short-term period. As technology evolves, this type of leasing allows you to upgrade as newer software becomes available
  • There is no large upfront expenditure, meaning that multiple investments can be made over time (smoother cash flow over time)
  • It’s a much quicker way to find expenses

Changing your next purchase from a capital expenditure to an operating one allows you to benefit. Capital expenditures can cost you a lot in the long run due to depreciation and taxes, while under an operating expense, the equipment you lease will be completely risk-free and will not remain in your books for years on end.

Business Loans with Vault Credit

As part of our partnership with Catalyst, we can also offer you business loans up to $250,000 through Vault Credit. These loans come in fixed weekly payments to help your business stabilize cash flow. You can get approval and funds in as little as 24 hours, with real-time pricing with one of Vault’s loan advisors.

Benefits of getting a business loan through Vault include:

  • Simple application
  • Quick approval
  • Immediate funding
  • Buyout anytime
  • Easy renewal
  • No collateral assets
  • Trusted partnership

Get Started Today

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