Introduction to the GE MDS SD4 IP/Ethernet & Serial

The GE MDS SD4 IP/Ethernet & Serial wireless solution provides long distance communications over licensed radio bands, allowing users to interface to both Ethernet and serial devices such as PLCs, RTUs and meters with host monitoring and control systems.

The MDS SD4 is part of the SD Series, the latest generation of MDS licensed narrowband wireless devices providing exceptional communication, performance and reliability to meet demands for IP/Ethernet services as well as support for multiple devices and host systems. The SD is compatible with previous generations of technology Like the MDS 4710 Radios, allowing for a smooth and controlled migration for existing systems.

Features & Specs

  • High speed – up to 65 Kbps in 50 KHz channel
  • Operates IP/Ethernet and serial communication on a single network
  • Secure AES 128-bit data encryption and password protected access
  • Connects remote sites to a single access point radio
  • Connects multiple devices to a single remote radio
  • Simple, intuitive web-based configuration and maintenance
  • Broad coverage flexibility over distances up to 30 to 40 miles
  • Backward compatible with existing MDS 4710 networks
  • Industrially hardened – operation temperature range from -40C to 70C
  • CSA Class 1, Div 2 groups A, B, C, D for hazardous locations
  • IEEE1613, IEC 61850-3 and EN61000 for electric substation environments
  • Low power consumption with sleep mode for solar and battery powered applications

Industry-Specific Wireless Solutions

The MDS SD4 is especially popular in the following industry applications:

Energy Sector 

  • Remote control of EID and controllers at distribution substations
  • Condition monitoring for pole-top circuit breakers and capacitor banks

Oil & Gas 

  • Remote data collection from meters and flow devices
  • Monitor and transmit wellhead pressure and tank levels collected by RTUs

Water and Wastewater

  • Monitor lift stations across multiple sites from control room
  • Communicate with remote PLCs controlling tank levels and water flow

Heavy Industrial

  • Activation of perimeter gates based on detection of vehicle
  • Monitor and control remote pumps and compressors

Primary Advantages of the MDS SD4

The MDS SD4 makes a great fit for demanding applications such as those listed above thanks to the following advantages:

Long Range Communications

The MDS SD4 offers secure, reliable, long distant transmission of data by combining 5 Watt transmit power and exceptional receiver sensitivity to support wide coverage areas. It also ensures maximum performance in difficult terrains or when obstructions such as trees and buildings limit the effectiveness of other wireless devices.

Exceptional Network Performance

The MDS SD4 is equipped with features that provide maximum performance, including Media Access Control (MAC) optimized to reduce Ethernet overhead and preserve bandwidth. It also features an IP Payload feature which removes unneeded Ethernet frames to shrink messages and improve throughput.

Backward Compatibility

MDS SD4 radios can be directly added to existing MDS x710 and x790 systems as either expansions or replacements to add Ethernet support. This preserves your investment and allows a smooth transition from other infrastructure to IP/Ethernet without disrupting day-to-day operations. 

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