Introducing the TP3 from Tait Communications

The TP3 was created for business and industrial settings, designed to be the most versatile and cost-effective radio on the market. This device is redefining the meaning of ‘entry-level radio’. Usually, this means basic push-to-talk without any of the bells and whistles, but the TP3 went a step further (more like 10) and built-in advanced features. This radio can operate in dual-mode and has built-in Bluetooth, Man Down, GPS, ARC4 data encryption, and interoperability functions to pair with other devices. The best part is, with a few quick changes, these radios can be customized to meet the needs of each team and individual user.

Instant Upgrade
With a simple cover change, you can go from a baseline commercial two way radio with no display and 0 keys to a keypad and full-colour display. In today’s business world, technology and needs are always changing. A common issue most industries face is managing the cost of upgrading radios to meet their changing and growing needs. This Tait DMR portable radio makes it possible to quickly adapt to these changes allowing every user the technology they need to successfully complete their tasks. The durable exterior is built to an IP67 rating for dust and waterproof protection to withstand harsh environments.

Colour Identification
Not only can you instantly upgrade the functions of your radio, companies across Canada are taking advantage of the range of colour options available for covers to improve management and branding. Businesses often use their company colours to brand their radios or assign different colours to each team as a quick way to check user identity and for radios that haven’t been returned.

Custom Labels
With design services and templates available, labels are helping companies to completely personalize their TP3 handheld two way radios to fit their specific needs and requirements. The labels are built tough just like the radios. They are resistant to chemicals, abrasions, extreme temperatures, water, UV, and tearing. The possibilities for how to use labels are truly endless but here are a few ways our customers are using them:

  • Branded with the company logo
  • Button labels for ease-of-use
  • Rental codes to track inventory
  • Team and user IDs for fleet management

For companies that are scaling or experience fluctuations in team size, the Tait Communications TP3 dual-mode two way radio offers a flexible solution that takes the pressure off of upgrading without breaking the bank. Think this might be the right option for your business? The Nova team is your Tait Communications dealer for Nova Scotia and across Canada. Tell us a bit about what your communications needs are and one of our specialists will help you choose the right solution.

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