Introducing the Galaxy Note9 – The New Super Powerful Note

The new Samsung Galaxy Note9 boasts the largest infinity display, a Bluetooth Enabled S pen, and a truly all-day battery. Not only that, the reimagined camera can capture the perfect picture in any lighting and its flaw detection alerts the user if someone blinks or there’s a smudge on the lens, helping you capture the perfect photo. While all of these new features are pretty exciting for the end-user, there are 5 main reasons why you would want to equip your staff with this versatile device.

1. Leave Your Computer Behind
DeX Mode enables your employees to transform Galaxy Note9 into a desktop-like experience with a single cable giving them the flexibility to leave their laptop at home. In addition, the Galaxy Note9 can continue to operate as a phone, separate from the experience on the screen. The enhanced Bluetooth-enabled S Pen not only lets employees take notes; it also acts as a remote which is perfect for controlling presentations.

2. Charge That Lasts As Long As They Do
A powerful, long-lasting battery is built to take on what your employees want to accomplish in a day. With Galaxy Note9, a lack of charge won’t slow them down, letting your high achieving talent keep going as long as they want.

3. Performance Without Limits
Your employees need a device they can count on. Galaxy Note9 is the phone made with the power to keep pace with your employees’ needs, featuring the latest 10nm processor, matching the pace of business today.

4. Defense Grade Security
Your confidential business data is protected by Samsung Knox. This defense-grade security, built from the chip up, means you can feel confident that your information and that of your clients and staff, stays safe and secure.

5. Space to Excel
With 128 GB of internal storage, that can be expanded with a microSD, your employees will have the capacity they need for the work they do. With Galaxy Note9, they can review and share large files and presentations without worrying that they will run out of space.

It’s no question why the Samsung Galaxy Note9 is a great device that will enable your team to stay ahead. Nova Communications has a long-standing partnership with Bell Mobility, specializing in both cellular and public safety networks. This focus means we understand the devices, rate plans, and issues that are relevant to corporate customers. Contact our team of specialists today to find out how the Samsung Galaxy Note9 fits into your operation. Want more information on this or other wireless products, click here and contact us.

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