Introducing Icom’s Next Generation P25 Radio

icom next generation p25 portables
Are you looking to upgrade your P25 radio or considering a public safety-grade radio?

P25 radios, public safety-grade two way radios as established by APCO International, are designed with public safety in mind. This includes features like interoperability, spectrum efficiency and usability to name just a few.

Nova Communications is an expert in P25 radios, but in this blog post, we’ll introduce you to our newest P25 radios from Icom: their next-generation P25 radio.

Icom’s Next Generation P25 Radios: The F7000 Series

Icom’s new P25 radios, the F7000 series, support the latest P25 standards and both public service and public safety.

These are cost-effective radios.

In a nutshell, the F7000 series offers the essential features you’d expect in a P25 radio while also incorporating a lot of new features and functions as well – all in one small two way radio. In fact, they’re the smallest and lightest of their class.

When it comes to specific features, those in the public safety industry will particularly enjoy the built-in SD Card, GPS, USB interface, Bluetooth®, and color display.

See the full list of P25-specific features below:

icom p25

Another great aspect of this radio? The fact that you can upgrade with activations for trunking, OTAR, OTAP and more, whenever it’s right for you. This means you only get the most essential features you need right now.

The F7000 Series: F7010, F7020 and F7040 Portables

The video below is a great intro to Icom’s next generation P25 radio:

Icom’s next generation P25 radios have three different models, each available with and without the full keypad.

p25 radio

  • F7010/F7020: P25 Phase 2 Ready

This is the base model, giving you the ability to upgrade to Phase 1 and Phase 2 trunking when you’re ready.

Next to its small and lightweight size, this is a highly durable radio that’s IP68 submersible while also being easy to use. The colour LCD makes for a high visibility radio.


Purchase here and here.

  • F7040: P25 Conventional And Trunking

 This is another P25-compliant radio, but this one operates on the 700/800 MHz frequency.

Just like the base model, this radio can be upgraded to Phase 1 and Phase 2 trunking when you’re ready.

Purchase this radio here.

Wrapping It Up

If you’re looking to invest in P25 radios or you’re considering upgrading, Icom offers great value.

The F7000 portables are the smallest and most lightweight of their kind while offering a mix of essential and more robust features depending upon your needs.

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