Innovation, Reliability, and Affordability: The Hytera Advantage in Two-Way Radio Technology

In the fast-paced world of communication, picking a solid two-way radio partner is a big deal. Hytera, a top player in the game, has got your back with quality two-way radios that tackle issues like product availability, reliability, innovation, toughness, and cost-effectiveness. Let’s dive into why Hytera is the go-to choice for your communication setup.

Get What You Need, When You Need It

Dealing with supply chain chaos? Hytera has a smooth and reliable supply chain, making sure you always have two-way radios on hand. No more waiting around – you get what you need, pronto.

Rock-Solid Communication

Hytera’s two-way radios stand out as champions of connectivity. No matter where you are, they keep you connected. When things get dicey and you need communication that just works, Hytera’s got your back.

Innovative Features

Hytera’s not just riding the wave; they’re making it. With cutting-edge tech and features like digital voice clarity, secure encryption, GPS tracking, and customizable programming, these radios adapt to whatever you throw at them. Versatility? Check.

Tough as Nails

If your job site is more rugged than a mountain trail, Hytera two-way radios can handle it. Built for tough environments like public safety, construction, and manufacturing, These radios are the epitome of robust communication technology: durable, reliable, and ready for action.


Quality doesn’t always have to break the bank. Hytera keeps things competitive on the pricing front. You get industry-leading features without emptying your pockets. That’s a win-win.

Now let’s zoom in on what makes Hytera’s Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) offerings stand out.


Central to Hytera’s excellence is its significant contribution to the DMR standard. Imagine instant push-to-talk, enhanced channel capacity, efficient infrastructure use, power efficiency, system flexibility, and unbeatable audio performance – that’s what Hytera’s DMR brings to the table.Hytera iSeries radios

Hytera iSeries Two-Way DMR Radios:

The iSeries stands out as one of the star players in Hytera’s DMR product lineup. Durable, rugged, and packing advanced features, these two-way radios are a mix of style and substance. Voice, text, analog, digital – you name it, they’ve got it. These radios are versatile enough to handle whatever environment they find themselves in.

Intrinsically Safe UL913 DMR Radios:

Safety is a top priority for Hytera. The Intrinsically Safe UL913 radios are built for hazardous zones, like places with explosive gas and combustible dust (think mining and energy production). You stay safe without sacrificing performance.

H-Series Professional DMR Radios:

The H-Series is Hytera’s next-gen masterpiece. Exceptional audio quality, extended range, durability, and a battery that just won’t quit – these radios set a new standard. Hytera’s commitment to innovation shines through, giving you better safety, secure communication, and flexibility like never before.

DMR Repeaters and Trunking Systems:

Hytera’s not just about individual radios; they’ve got your whole network covered. Analog and Tier II Digital Conventional Repeaters linked up through IP networks for wide-area action. Pseudo trunking and eXtended Pseudo Trunking (XPT) add efficiency to the mix. Need a professional radio network? Tier III trunking systems are on the menu.

Hytera Product Spotlight

  • BD5i Series Commercial DMR Radios: These are tough, compact two-way radios that bring reliable communication to the table. With higher output power, broader frequency bands, and advanced features, they’re great for various uses.
  • BD612i Two-Way Digital Radios: Known as one of Hytera’s best, these rugged radios are designed for demanding environments. With digital noise cancellation, extended battery life, and meeting military standards, they excel in tough conditions.
  • HP5 Series Portable Two-Way Radios: These are two-way radios that set new reliability standards. Featuring dedicated knobs, universal Type-C port, Bluetooth capability, and impressive audio quality with AI-based noise cancellation.
  • HP6 Series DMR Radios: The next-gen of style and functionality in DMR two-way radios. Clear audio, extended battery life, easy-to-use interface, and advanced safety features. Hytera H Series Radios
  • HP7 Series DMR Radios: Taking style and functionality up a notch, these radios boast clear audio, long battery life, optional GPS, and advanced security features.
  • H-Series UL913 HP702 and HP782: For hazardous environments, these are two-way radios that ensure compliance and safety with explosive gas and dust.
  • PD4i Series Commercial DMR Radios: Robust and reliable radios, perfect for manufacturing, facilities management, or education, with higher power, safety features, and encryption options.
  • PD982i Professional DMR Radios: The ultimate portable digital two-way radio with advanced features, exceptional audio, and IP68 certification against dust and water immersion.
  • HM682 Mobile Radio: Compact, lightweight, and easy to install, this mobile radio provides reliable voice and data communications for remote workers, featuring AI-based noise cancellation and various data services.
  • HM782 Mobile Radio: Optimized for in-vehicle communications, desktop dispatching, and broadening coverage areas, this mobile radio supports various deployment options, calling capabilities, and safety features.

Hytera HALO Push-to-Talk Over Cellular Radio Solutions

Hytera HALO Nationwide:

HALO is the most advanced PoC radio network, providing nationwide coverage over cellular LTE mobile networks, Wi-Fi and LTE calling support, compact and rugged devices, instant group voice and video calling, fast and low-cost deployments, and a wide variety of PoC devices.

  • MNC360 PoC Mobile Radio: Professional-grade communications with clear push-to-talk communication, instant group calling, and location tracking for reliable and efficient fleet dispatching. Legal and DOT compliant for safe communications while driving.
  • PNC360S PoC Radio: Ultra-compact, rugged, and easy-to-operate PoC radio with wide-area coverage over 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi, featuring digital noise suppression, IP67 rating, powerful battery, and built-in GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.
  • PNC380S PoC Radio: Feature-rich handheld PoC device utilizing nationwide 4G/LTE cellular and Wi-Fi networks, offering advanced noise suppression, rugged design, powerful battery, and built-in GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LED flashlight.
  • PNC460 XRugged PoC Smart Device: Engineered for workplace efficiency, combining smartphone and PoC radio capabilities, runs on Android 12, and designed for rugged durability. Features include a large PTT key, seamless communication with other radios, and compatibility with various networks.
  • PNC460U Intrinsically Safe Smart Device: UL913-certified for hazardous environments, combining smartphone and PoC radio capabilities, ensuring reliability and efficiency in extreme conditions. Features include a 50 MP rear camera, LTE or WLAN transmission, and compliance with explosion-proof standards.
  • PNC560 XRugged PoC Smart Phone Radio: A unified communications smart tool combining the benefits of a compact mobile computer with a professional PoC group communications tool and an integrated infrared scanner. Compatible with various platforms and services, including Hytera HALO, and runs Android business apps.


Hytera’s not just any two-way radio provider – they’re your strategic ally in maximizing your communication infrastructure. Hytera’s commitment to innovation, reliability, and cost-effectiveness sets them apart, making them the top pick for any organization that’s looking to improve and revolutionize their communication strategies.

Hytera’s broad spectrum of products is tailor-made to cater to your unique needs, ensuring you have the reliable tools you need to connect seamlessly. Let’s revolutionize how you connect and communicate.

Learn More:

Discover the full spectrum of Hytera’s products and solutions by downloading our comprehensive Hytera Two-Way Radio Selection Guide. Explore the diverse features that Hytera radios provide to enhance your workforce and meet all of your organization’s communication needs!

If you’ve found a radio that piqued your interest and you’re looking for a personalized quote on any of the models mentioned, don’t hesitate to contact us. Reach out today and speak to one of our two-way radio experts!

Make the transition to Hytera and encounter two-way radio technology that surpasses your communication expectations, backed by their world-class offerings.

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