Industrial Wireless Network Support Doesn’t End With Install

One of the core values of Nova Communications is to put our customers first, and helping them to be successful. We are a results-driven business, with the aim to deliver for customers and exceed the standard. This work ethic does not end with the install of your new industrial wireless network or technology – and it shouldn’t have to.

We take the service we provide to you, our customer, to new heights!

We take the service we provide to you, our customer, to new heights (as shown in this photo of our technician working high above tree line!)

This is where customer service comes to play. As part of the process for implementing these wireless technologies, the service team runs a series of tests and configures the products on site – saving time on the install process, and providing peace of mind to the customer when the install begins that there will not be hiccups that delay the process.

As part of the testing on site at our location, the customer with larger system or network installs are invited to observe the Factory Acceptance Testing that products go through as part of Nova’s ISO 9001-2008 registration from NSF-ISR. This gives customers a chance to see what they’ve invested in, and ask any questions relating to it. It also gives Nova a chance to explain the technical aspects of the product.

Following the install, and after things are up and running to the standards expected, the service offered does not end. The tech team is trained on a number of issues that could arise with any wireless network or technology and are available to address them in the following ways:

Preventative Maintenance

In a number of cases, our techs can remote monitor the wireless network technology and find issues before they get out of hand. As such, and when maintenance contracts are in place – an extra cost for you, the customer, but a worthwhile investment – this enables issues to be addressed before they become an emergency – often without affecting the day-to-day workflow.

The technicians will often facilitate site visits, or ‘health checks’ of equipment such as radios, antennas and wattage testing, along with industrial wireless network systems or technology, to ensure everything is running to high standards.


If the infrastructure for the industrial wireless network is in place, but there are issues with signal or items are damaged or not working, we will work to figure out the issue and get it resolved. This can happen through troubleshooting to resolve the issue and, if necessary, a site visit to find a solution.

We have a good sense of finding the problem and fixing it – which includes going to great heights to do so!

Emergency Calls

We understand there are networks that cannot go down, and the issues that arise if they do. As such, we offer an emergency response 24 hours a day, seven days a week – with on-call technicians available in Halifax, Moncton and Sydney.

If you leave the technology side to us one thing is for certain – you will be taken care of. The departments that make up Nova Communications pride themselves on personal experience and will often hand deliver repairs and products to the customer.

We understand your needs, and our techs are trained to handle those needs and in ensuring your technology is working to the highest of standards. Want to learn more? Contact us – we can help you learn about the technology we offer and what we can do to make your workplace more efficient.

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