3 Ways WAVE Can Increase Productivity On Your Floor

A 2017 manufacturing survey found 78% of manufacturers are using multiple devices to communicate.

Your floor staff relies on rugged two-way devices. The rest will mostly rely on broadband and WIFI devices. We need a solution as flexible as water to unite a business’s communication.

Enter: WAVE

WAVE from Motorola extends instant two-way radio communication to any device. This includes smartphones, IP desk phones, tablets, and PCs. The platform offers push-to-talk across all devices with Cloud subscriptions or on-premises options. With no added infrastructure required.

How does it work?

The WAVE software platform is a suite of applications from our valued partners at Motorola. Together they offer flexible solutions for communication breakdown in a business.

The Desktop Communicator facilitates monitoring, transmitting, and receiving audio from multiple communication systems. Features include:

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use display.
  • No specialized equipment is needed.
  • Users can customize and save the layout that works best for them.

Users can also log in anywhere and communicate with their team members via their web browser. The WAVE Web Communicator allows you to:

  • Monitor several talkgroups and talk on any as needed.
  • Integrate Google Maps, providing the exact location of talkgroup members.
  • View a historical feed of call and text activity across all your talkgroups.

The WAVE Mobile Communicator turns any Android or iOS device into a PTT handset.  It features:

  • Group Calls for secure one-to-many communications.
  • Private Calls for secure one-to-one communications.
  • Group text messaging.

How will it help?

1. Instantly Address Interruptions in Workflow

Using communication devices that aren’t able to communicate with each other doesn’t make a lot of sense. Material shortages, safety incidents, machine downtime. Workers on the floor need immediate information to solve these issues. What gets in the way? Waiting for return emails. Busy signals. Voicemails.

This time and productivity don’t need to stay lost.

WAVE unites a workforce under the warm glow of two-way push-to-talk communication. Instant and convenient. Your floor manager’s heart will be grateful! Less frustrated waiting. Better communication. And lower blood pressure is possible with WAVE!

(ROCK is not a medical expert, please consult your physician).

2. Maximize Information Sharing and Collaboration

As production floors move digital, new levels of speed and efficiency are here. Though, the benefits of these lessen if you’re relying on Paul Revere-like solutions to pass along information.

The WAVE is coming!

Keep your team on the same page, with the same information.

Integrated communication increases adaptability to changes in daily operations. Challenges happen “right now”, so coordinating the response should happen “right now.”

Make sure information is available to those who need it WHEN they need it.

3. Integrates Into Your Existing Processes

You’re now telling me: “ROCK blog writer! I already have maintenance systems, facility management systems, or existing plant-level software!”

That’s not a problem! Team Communications can work together with front-line execution software. Alerts from automation systems. Plant history databases. Internet-of-Things. Integrating these is easier than losing your sanity during lockdown.

The data from these systems isn’t bottlenecked with inefficient communication methods with WAVE. Information can now flow between levels of your business seamlessly. The results?

  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased downtime
  • Increased collaboration
  • More informed decisions

Wave goodbye to communication frustration!

Ride the WAVE!

Looking for more information on these new solutions? Contact us today at 1-877-721-7070 or online here. You can also learn more about a new smart PTT device from Motorola that would be at home on any plant floor here.

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