Improve Warehouse Inventory Accuracy up to 99.7%

When it comes to supply chain management, optimizing your warehousing operations and logistics is the key to reducing labour costs and increasing workforce productivity. But where do you start? The short answer is efficient inventory management. The long answer is your ability to capture accurate data that is accessible in real time, across multiple devices and personnel.

Technology has changed the landscape of warehouse management systems by altering the way companies send and receive orders, making the entire process more complex from inbound handling to outbound fulfillment and everywhere in between. Do you have to be a tech genius to keep up? Not at all, you just need to put a name to your inventory issues and then let the experts provide you with solutions that will grow with your demand.

The top three issues in warehouse inventory management are:

1. Lack of Accuracy
If you don’t have an accurate account of your stocked inventory how do you expect to accurately fulfill orders? For every dollar that the inventory is off, so is your profit. The whole point of tracking inventory is to generate maximum profits with minimum investment, but if you don’t have standardized data-entry processes chances are high that you’re missing vital information. Without access to real-time data you won’t know how or where products are moving, resulting in valuable time and human capital being spent completing tasks a system could manage.

2. Delays in Shipping
It goes without saying that if your inventory data isn’t accurate, your shipping won’t be either. Advancements in technology enable customers to place orders almost instantaneously, meaning your inventory needs to adjust to the demand. How mad do you get when you order an item only to be told it’s out-of-stock? If your demand doesn’t directly translate into your available supply and inventory ordering processes, you’re spending too much time managing independent systems and devices. The time wasted on inefficient processes will result in disappointed customers and ultimately lost sales.

3. Low Employee Productivity
You have someone searching for Part A but it isn’t there. They contacted their direct supervisor and still can’t find it. Next stop is purchasing, and they can see they bought it but still can’t find it. You have just wasted the time of three different people and have nothing to show for it. The cost associated with inefficiencies is very real, so you need to streamline operations with hardware that communicates with each other to process information in real time.

So now you know your problem, let’s move to some solutions so you can cut out inventory redundancies and focus on profits, which is why we are all here. Our team leverages Zebra Technologies’ portfolio of mobile computing, printing, and scanning technologies to deliver real-time asset visibility and optimize operational efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver connectivity across your entire operation. From enterprise tablets and handheld mobile computers to barcode scanners, RFID readers and industrial printers, we offer Zebra solutions for a diverse range of applications.

The migration to technology isn’t really a choice in today’s world if you intend to keep up with your industry’s competitive environment. Keep in mind though, the migration to how much technology you use and where you use it will differ based on the size and complexity of your operation. The solutions and applicable hardware offered through the Zebra Technologies portfolio can be customized to your immediate needs and adjusted for growth.

The right solution for your supply chain should do the following:

1. Connect Operators, Technicians, and Machines
To streamline operations, you need a workforce that can communicate with each other, with the machines they operate, and with the materials they process, in real time. Our solutions create deeper, broader integration points across manufacturing processes, so you can enhance safety, increase quality, and consistently surpass targets.

2. Convert Inventory into Revenue
The more visibility you have, the faster you turn inventory into revenue. Our solutions capture, verify, and mobilize the data you need to more accurately fill internal and external customer orders with held inventory, so you can turn products into revenue quickly and flawlessly.

3. Build Customer Loyalty
To customers, field workers are the face of your operation. With that in mind, help your field operations personnel deliver a higher level of service at a lower cost per interaction, with devices and applications that dynamically connect them to one another, to your supply chain, and to your customers—all in real time.

For more in-depth details of the hardware and software behind the solutions outlined in this article, please download the free e-book through the link below. As we mentioned before, all you need to know is your problem, we will provide you with the right solution through our Free Systems Expertise.

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