Imagination Becomes a Reality in Hospitality Safety

In the hospitality industry, your main priorities are providing exceptional customer service and keeping your guests, staff, and facility safe. Everything from greeting customers and providing prompt service to monitoring the facility and responding to emergencies needs to be seamless and efficient. Yet the communications and security systems that many organizations have in place may be hindering their ability to achieve results.

Common industry struggles include:

  • Not enough resources to invest in multiple different technology and software solutions
  • Technologies and systems that don’t communicate with each other
  • A lack of proactive solutions to commonly faced safety and security challenges
  • An inconsistent approach to incident response
  • An inability to customize a software system that is intuitive and easy to use

In this blog post, we’ll look at some common security and customer service challenges in the hospitality industry and explore how Motorola Safety Reimagined can address these issues while streamlining efficiency.

What is Safety Reimagined?

Safety Reimagined from Motorola is the first and only end-to-end enterprise technology ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data, and analytics on a single platform, providing your organization with tools to address the everyday challenges hindering productivity, all while improving safety. Safety Reimagined is built on the concept that the technologies that keep your staff and organization safe can also improve efficiency by eliminating silos.

Safety Reimagined addressed the challenges listed above with the following features:

  • A unified solution that allows your organization to do more with less
  • A centralized ecosystem that allows for seamless transfer of information between solutions
  • Proactive situational awareness that enables real-time monitoring of incidents
  • Real-time monitoring, resulting in faster response time
  • Workflows and software solutions that can be customized to meet your organization’s unique needs

Monitoring a large facility can be daunting. It involves controlling multiple entries, securing protected areas, and ensuring the safety of staff and guests. The Safety Reimagined ecosystem is built on the following four pillars to keep your facility secure:

Detect: Safety Reimagined combines video security, access control, and artificial intelligence to give you an in-depth view of your facility within a single intuitive interface.

Analyze: Appearance search capabilities allow security staff to quickly locate persons or vehicles of interest, and video analytics can detect potentially dangerous activity in real-time.

Communicate: Motorola’s industry-leading radios with multimedia capabilities keep your staff in constant contact, allowing staff to share more information to resolve incidents faster. Automatic alerts can keep your entire team informed in real-time.

Respond: Incident management capabilities allow staff to log reports easily. Video footage can be linked to these reports, making them more useful and informative when planning future incident responses.

Hospitality Challenges

Let’s look at how Safety Reimagined uses these four pillars to address the following hospitality scenarios.

Disruptive Guest

No one wants an unruly guest disrupting their vacation or ruining a sports match, so Safety Reimagined makes it easy to deal with problem guests proactively.

Detect: When a staff member interacts with a disruptive guest, they can begin recording on their body-worn camera. This creates an alert that is sent to the appropriate staff.

Analyze: Staff responsible for monitoring video can begin gathering more information by populating footage from other cameras in the area. Security staff can also be altered to the incident on their two-way radio device, including an image of the guest in question.

Respond: Security staff can then respond and remove the guest. An incident report that contains all the relevant information for further review is also created.

Lost Child

Losing a child at a busy amusement park or resort can be a parent’s worst nightmare, but Safety Reimagined can ensure the child is found faster.

Detect: When a parent loses a child, they can share a photo with a security staff member. The staff member would use their two-way radio device to share the photo with other staff.

Analyze: Security teams can use the child’s appearance, shoes, or clothing as an identifying characteristic to begin an area search using video analytics.

Communicate: Using two-way radios, security teams are notified on where to begin the search. The child’s image is broadcasted to the entire security team, and updates are provided to relevant teams in real-time.

Respond: The lost child is located, and an incident report is created with all relevant information.

VIP Guest

Greeting a VIP guest promptly is the first step in ensuring they have a memorable experience.

Detect: An alert can be set up when a VIP enters the premises using a camera with license plate detection.

Analyze: When staff receives the alert, and all relevant camera feeds are populated. Guest services and management teams can see the guest and their exact location.

Communicate: Using two-way radios, guest services and management are dispatched to greet the guest at the appropriate entrance.

Respond: Staff welcome the guest and provide a high level of customer service.

Learn more

In 2021, Motorola surveyed 125 professionals from resorts, hotels, casinos, stadiums, restaurants, and more to learn about the challenges and trends in the hospitality industry. They found that the industry is moving towards connectivity, automation, integration, and innovation. Motorola complied their findings, along with an in-depth look at how Safety Reimagined can help the industry achieve these goals. Don’t be left behind. Download the Motorola Solutions 2021 Hospitality Report to learn how your organization can thrive.


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