How Two Way Radios Improve Team Communication: A Restaurant Story

Restaurants are busy places and include a number of staff that are required to work together and coordinate with one another to provide a seamless experience for their guests.

It’s those experiences that keep customers coming back – and that’s often the case in a number of customer service based industries.

About 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, however 91% of those will simply leave and never come back to your business.

The solution in these situations is often communication – from front of house to managers, and often everywhere in between. A number of restaurant environments have seen great success in the communication provided by two way radios – and Canadian Brewhouse is no different.

Starting with one location in Alberta, the Canadian Brewhouse has grown to include 22 locations throughout western Canada – including Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and BC. It is their great food and excellent service that keeps customers coming back, and that excellent service stems partly from their use of two way radios.

The sports restaurant and pub bars uses the DTR650 as its communication device among its teams in almost all of its 22 restaurants. The impact has been great, says Canadian Brewhouse Development Coordinator, Kaylah Jenson.

“What we use them for, mostly on busy nights, is for security to be in communication with the general manager, especially if the general manager happens to be in the back like in the kitchen because then communication can happen more freely,” she says.

While it’s mostly just security and managers that use the two way radios, Kaylah says that on really busy nights, other staff members have been known to take advantage of the instant answers provided by the technology.

“Having that communication level among key staff helps. The ultimate goal is to have our customers come in to a comfortable, safe environment and enjoy the overall experience and atmosphere of our facilities. Sometimes it’s a matter of efficiency as well, having communication (from two ways) means not walking from one end of the store to the other to ask for help with a table or answer a question.”

This is where a number of customer service based industries have seen the difference. Whether it’s retail, hospitality or restaurants, two way radios have enabled teams to provide quick answers and service to their customers.

In fact, consumers are two times more likely to share their bad customer service experiences than they are to talk about positive experiences. This means your team has to work hard to ensure those walking through your doors are getting the service they deserve.

We know you work hard. We know you’re spending the day running around and keeping customers happy. But we also know the difference two way radios can make. Whether it’s larger radio options for the toughest users, or small, compact options for quick, professional experiences for your team.

Without two way radios at the Canadian Brewhouse, Kaylah says their service would be “chaos” and recommends them for other customer service related businesses.

“Two way radios, regardless of the kind you’re using, have benefit. There is a reason people are using them in retail, in night clubs, restaurants and bars. We do find them helpful, so I can’t see why other people wouldn’t.”

Want to find out more about how two way radios could help your business? Whether you’re in any of the industries above, or set apart with other needs, we here at Nova Communications have the knowledge and experience to help you figure out the best technology for you.

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