How to Modernize Your Warehouse to Keep up with Today’s Demands

Today’s warehouses are under a lot of pressure.

From greater fulfillment orders and ever-shortening delivery times, in combination with the labour shortage, warehouses have a lot to keep up with.

Underlying all of this is the need for strong communication between teams to ensure that daily operations remain as productive as possible.

To add to all of this pressure, many warehouses are operating on legacy Windows technology, which is hindering daily operations and leaving you prone to security threats.

Is your warehouse struggling to keep up with the demands and pressures? This blog post will show you how you can streamline operations and keep productivity levels high.

Two-Way Radios: Instant Communication & Hands-Free Compliance

Strong communication is key to warehouse productivity.

Indeed, the link has been well documented; a study published in The Journal of Diversity Management concludes that effective communication is key to a “high level of performance and productivity” and that it provides businesses with a “competitive advantage.”

That’s why so many of today’s warehouses rely on two-way radios instead of cell phones: the simple Push-to-Talk functionality provides instant communication between teams.

Hands-Free Compliance

In addition to enhanced communication, one of the biggest benefits of two-way radios is hands-free compliance, which is imperative for companies with trucks on the road.

A recent survey found that nearly 41% of Canadians admitted to checking their messages while stopped at light while 15% admitted to text while driving.

Many provinces and territories in Canada have exempted two-way radios from distracted driving laws, therein protecting your business from potential liabilities that come when employees engage in distracted driving. They are simply a much safer communication tool because of the ease of the Push-to-Talk functionality on the foot pedal or steering wheel.

GPS Tracking And Work Order Ticket Management

Finally, two-way radios offer various features like GPS tracking, text messaging and even work-order ticket management, allowing you to monitor the location of employees and the completion of various tasks.

Two-way radios are also much less costly and reliable than cell phones, offering longer battery life.

As for the type of two-way radio that warehouses like yours are choosing, many opt for simplex two-way radios or Icom’s IP100, the latter of which works off existing wireless LAN and IP networks. Both allow people to communicate as if talking on a telephone (i.e. full-duplex communication). They’re lightweight, waterproof and dustproof.

However, the Motorola CM300d MOTOTRBO Digital Capable Mobile Radio is a great option for fleets on the move. It’s cost-effective as well.

Some are also choosing Icom’s LTE radio, which operates on the same 3G and 4G networks that cell phones do. This, too, allows for full-duplex communication.

Barcode Scanners: Modernizing with An Android Operating System

As you saw above, the warehouse is changing. Legacy systems weren’t designed with today’s warehouses in mind.

In fact, there were developed before e-commerce even really existed. They simply can’t compete with today’s order volumes, delivery times or security threats.

On top of this, as of January 1, 2020, Microsoft ended its extended support of Windows Embedded and mobile operating systems. For current MC9200 users, it will mean that Microsoft will no longer be providing technical support, bug fixes or security fixes, leaving your warehouse prone to security risks and reduced system performance.

All of this brings us to the movement toward Android-based barcode scanners like the MC3300, bringing about enterprise-grade security and, of course, greater efficiency.

When it comes to the migration to Android-based systems, one frequently asked question is, “Should I still migrate if my current devices work just fine?”

The answer is that, Yes, it’s a good idea. Some parts such as chips are no longer being made on legacy Windows devices. If your provider runs out of stock, you’ll be forced to retire the device, which can disrupt your daily operations.

Wrapping It Up

To keep up with the demands of today’s warehouses, technology is critical, from two-way radios that enable enhanced communication to Android-based mobile computers that enable greater security and meet today’s demanding environments

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