How to Manage Multiple Devices in the Manufacturing Industry with Mobility DNA

We know the main priority for manufacturers is to meet (ideally exceed) your product targets. How many individual devices are you using to reach these targets? Did you know that it’s not just your hardware that enables your team to do their job, but what’s inside the devices that dictates how fast you reach your goals? That’s why our partner, Zebra Technologies, designed Mobility DNA, giving a “genetic code” to every Zebra device for unparalleled enterprise management capabilities.

So What Exactly is Mobility DNA?
At the very base level, Mobility DNA is a software system that leverages Android’s™ familiar interface to simplify the management of separate mobile devices into a cohesive unit with superior security, real-time data visibility, and user-friendly training applications for optimal uptime. Just imagine being able to wirelessly connect all of the mobile devices you use every day in manufacturing – are you picturing it? Think of how many inefficiencies due to human error or chasing down materials you would entirely erase – has it sunk in yet? You can enable yourself to see your entire operation in real-time from the moment raw materials are received, to the moment finished goods are shipped, and everything in between.

Business Tools
No matter what operation you’re running, it’s a cold, hard fact that communication (or lack thereof) can be your biggest obstacle. Mobility DNA features a unique set of business tools developed to overcome communication barriers and bring workers at different levels into an interconnected team. Workforce Connect provides customizable options for voice and messaging features across all devices. TekSpeech Pro™ enables next generation, speech-directed solutions that provide more ways for workers to understand, collect, and access more information.

Productivity Tools
Your greatest costs come from unexpected downtime due to tasks that are made lengthier because of the number of steps it takes to perform them, not to mention the amount of time it takes to learn how to do these steps on enterprise devices. Mobility DNA provides easy-to-learn tools, including All-Touch Terminal Emulation, which converts legacy green screens into an all-touch user experience; DataWedge sends scanned data from barcodes, RFID tags, and other sources directly to any running applications; Enterprise Keyboard enables fast, accurate data-entry that is specifically designed for industrial use; and PowerPrecision enables energy-efficient tools to remotely diagnose and manage battery power.

Management Tools
The IT staff in charge of managing all of your mobile devices often get frustrated with programming all of the individual device platforms and applications. Mobility DNA makes IT workers’ lives easier, giving them maximum control with problem-free integration tools. Zebra Technologies’ StageNow allows for simplified staging for multiple Android™ devices with just a quick scan of a barcode, or a tap on an NFC tag. Enterprise Home Screen enables the control of device software so only the applications and features directly related to the specific job function are available to the user. Knowing the importance of extending the lifecycle of your devices, Zebra Technologies developed Lifeguard™ for Android, a security software solution that adds years of OS security support after consumer support stops to match the enterprise hardware service life of 5+ years—significantly lowering the cost of owning these devices.

Development Tools
With Mobility DNA you can maximize the value of your mobile devices by creating intuitive mobile apps effortlessly with tools like the Enterprise Mobility Management Toolkit and Mobility Extensions (Mx), adding an extra layer of features to enhance device security and control. The result is a new class of industrial applications that are every bit as easy to use as today’s consumer applications, meeting the expectations of today’s workers – and virtually eliminating the need for training.

Learn More
Nova Communications deploys Zebra technology for a diverse range of applications including manufacturing-barcode, RFIP and label printers, all connected over WiFi with integration to ERP and other real-time information systems.

To learn more about Mobility DNA and what Zebra devices offered through Nova Communications will transform your operations, download the FREE e-book below.

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