How To Connect Your Entire Supply Chain

Achieving production targets “on time, every time” is the primary goal of every plant floor in the manufacturing industry. But when human error, hardware malfunctions or software failure occur, this goal quickly turns into unexpected downtime that can cost companies thousands of dollars per minute. To meet consumer expectations and deadlines, while controlling costs, every process, asset, and resource on your plant floor needs to be optimized with end-to-end accuracy.

Our team at Nova Communications has leveraged the Zebra Technologies solutions portfolio to put you in complete control of your production process. With mobile computing, printing, and scanning technologies, your operation is completely integrated and synchronized to give you real-time asset visibility and optimal production efficiency from the assembly line to the loading dock.

Every second counts when it comes to production and when you need to respond to a customer complaint or find a malfunction somewhere in your supply chain, every minute wasted impacts your budget and reputation. Zebra’s sensors, readers, and scanners make traceability simple for full visibility and complete records of every product as it moves through each step of your manufacturing facility.

Quality Assurance
Controlling quality in the supply chain is always a challenge because hundreds of tasks must be successfully completed to ensure only the products that meet proper industry standards are shipped to the customer. To avoid shipping faulty products or having to recall a whole line due to malfunctions, Zebra’s sensor tags, readers, and scanners can help you detect, isolate, and eliminate quality issues before small problems become big problems.

Asset and Facility Management
Nobody has to tell you that when disruptions on your plant floor occur, you need to react to them as quickly as possible, especially in an emergency situation. Equipment failure can be 3-5 times the cost of planned maintenance and repairs, even more if this malfunction results in an injury. Using mobile barcodes and sensors will enable you to quickly respond to alerts and alarms, optimize maintenance, and keep downtime from dragging down your production targets.

Network Connect
In order to stay competitive, your operation needs to be faster and more efficient, all while driving production costs down. This can only be achieved when you streamline your entire operation by giving your workforce the ability to communicate with each other, the machines they operate, and with the materials, they produce in real-time. With Network Connect, your line managers are no longer tethered to a single production line, gaining the ability to monitor and complete workflows from anywhere on the plant floor. You can seamlessly connect your printers and scanners directly to your Industrial Ethernet network with no additional conversion equipment. This means you can integrate your entire operation without losing man-hours to set-up, management, and troubleshooting.

If you’re thinking the solutions stop here, you are certainly mistaken. We just can’t fit the entire suite of Zebra Technologies’ solutions into one blog post without blowing your mind with the endless possibilities that are available to optimize and integrate your supply chain. To take a deeper dive into more solutions, download our free e-book, Industry Solutions for the Supply Chain.

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