How to Boost Operational Visibility and Uptime with the ZT600 Series Industrial Printers

Whether you work in the manufacturing, transportation, retail, or healthcare sectors—in a corporate or government setting—you need products that are at the cutting edge of technology in order to meet your needs effectively. Across these industries, we noticed two reoccurring concerns: operational visibility, and uptime. Which is why our partner, Zebra Technologies’, designed the innovative ZT600 Series Industrial Printers to address these concerns with maximum efficiency.

So What Is Operational Visibility? 

Across multiple industries, the performance of day-to-day tasks depends on the devices workers are equipped with. But with the growing number of devices used at varying levels and areas of operation, businesses find themselves facing questions like: How easily can I locate each device and gauge its performance? How can I verify a device’s usage, and track its repair status? Questions like these are at the centre of operational visibility—the ability to monitor and access the performance of the many devices in your organization’s network. Businesses that have low operational visibility run the risk of adding unnecessary costs to the business, and leave it vulnerable to disruptions and inefficiencies in the workflow.

What Is Uptime?

Another important consideration in many industries is uptime. This is the amount of time a machine or device can stay working and available without crashing or needing to be rebooted. With any device used by a business, lower uptime can lead to real, measurable problems including decreased productivity and lower revenue.

How Can the ZT600 Industrial Printers Help?

One way to overcome these concerns is to invest in hardware and software that is optimized for operational visibility. Zebra Technologies’ ZT600 Series Industrial Printers, including the ZT610 and ZT620, are equipped with Zebra’s innovative Link-OS™ operating system that is designed for greater integration, management, and visibility. This intelligent feature enables managers to access, control, and monitor operations at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Not only are the ZT600 Industrial Printers designed to make daily use, maintenance, and troubleshooting much more efficient, they are also designed to withstand the most demanding industrial conditions including extreme temperatures and exposure to dust and debris—meaning virtually no operational downtime due to printer failure. Features such as colour-illuminated media and ribbon paths allow workers to identify problems quickly, while guided instructions and feedback prevent common errors, and reduce the need for manual adjustments for consistent and efficient printing. With user-friendliness in mind, the printers are equipped with onboard sensors, diagnostics, and help resources to prevent common errors and further reduce the need to call technical support.

The Zebra ZT600 series is designed to meet all of today’s industrial printing challenges to increase operational visibility and uptime. To find out more about Zebra Technologies innovative ZT600 Industrial Printer Series, contact us today.


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