How PTT and Team Communications Can Improve Your Business

Teams across industries such as Transportation, Hospitality, and Manufacturing require instant communication with one another to increase safety, productivity, and efficiency. Luckily, Motorola’s Team Communications and Push-To-Talk (PTT) platform satisfies that need. Team Communications and PTT allows workers to communicate with members of their team in real time on radios and other devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones or landlines.

Whether frontline workers need to communicate with their crew in the field, or hotel reception needs to relay a message to housekeeping, PTT is there to make team communications more secure, seamless, and effective. How else does PTT and Team Communications help in the Transportation, Hospitality, and Manufacturing industries? Let’s take a look:

Transportation – Tracking fleets and personnel to maintain timely delivery and efficient operations, as well as ensuring the safety of drivers is made possible with PTT and Team Communications.

Personnel and fleet tracking features help to oversee people and locations, making fleets more reliable. When an emergency occurs, PTT steps in by getting through to workers with the Digital Emergency and Transmit Interrupt features on the radios, reducing risks and delays. It also provides drivers with a better-connected device, no longer having to worry about communicating in spotty areas and losing touch with their team. With a special text-to-speech feature on PTT two-way radios, drivers are able to text hands-free, allowing them to keep their eyes on the road at all times.

Hospitality – Seamless and reliable communication between team members, and the ability to problem-solve on a whim allows for hospitality staff to provide guests with superior customer service. So, it’s a no-brainer that hospitality staff should be well-equipped with the right products to provide guests with the outstanding service that they expect. Luckily, rapid and efficient communication across all operations is possible with Motorola Team Communications. From housekeeping, to food and beverage teams, to the concierge staff, team members remain connected to one another no matter what floor or building they are in, and no matter what device or network they are using.

Manufacturing – Customers these days demand customized products that are delivered to their door at lightning speed, making manufacturers’ jobs that much harder. In order to remain organized and on-time, all while meeting the customer’s specific needs requires the proper technology to do so. With PTT and Team Communications, you can now work smarter, not harder, and with Man Down and Lone Worker functionality, employees can work safer too.

To process orders at the speed customers expect, manufacturers need a way to cut down on time, and increase efficiency. With Team Communications efficiency-boosting applications such as work order Ticket Management to dispatch solutions, and Asset Management, manufacturers have all the tools they need to get the job done quicker.

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