How MotoTRBO Two Way Radios Can Help With Hospitality

Tourism is a big, and growing, business throughout Canada and around the world. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), tourism is the world’s fifth fastest growing industry, with more than one billion international travelers.

This is a market Canada has excelled at – but what are accommodation facilities doing to ensure those traveling or working throughout Canada come back to their facility?

Today’s customer demands success and great customer experiences. If an experience for them does not bode well, there are plenty of other options of places that could have better results. This works the same in the hotel industry in Canada. Whether it’s a hotel (boutique or large), motel, resort or otherwise, there are benefits to having the team within these facilities communicating in real-time, to provide the best possible experience for the customer.

Add on top of these spaces and shops within the hotels, restaurants and potential meeting rooms or convention centres, and you’ve got a number of employees working in various areas of these facilities. If they are not in communication with each other, you run the risk of an unsatisfied customer.

It’s time to talk about how differentiating your accommodation property from others will both attract and retain visitors. It starts with one thing – communication.

Motorola’s MotoTRBO radio communications technology is not just about digital two way radios. Yes, that is where it starts, but the benefit does not end there. The system also includes accessories, applications, systems and, of course, support services – all of which Nova Communications can help you to facilitate.

Imagine the benefit of getting a call from one of your guests and being able to immediately track down the staff member to resolve the issue at the touch of a button – whether that’s reaching out to ask the question over the radio, or generating a workflow that the team member will receive on their device. With MotoTRBO, you can do just that.

The key with MotoTRBO is the ability to differentiate the service you provide to your guests and clients because of the digital technology that integrates both voice and data. Options include:

  • Work Order Ticket Management – Send these work orders directly to your team to produce immediate results. Whether it’s a maintenance worker, or the need to restock supplies, your employee will receive the message and can mark it as done when complete.
  • Intelligent Audio – Available on some MotoTRBO devices, this is a feature that automatically adjusts the volume in the radio according to its surroundings. In a quiet lobby? No need for a loud call! But if you’re looking to reach a staff member working at a dance or event, this tool helps with ensuring they get the message.
  • Bluetooth Capabilities – It’s a wonderful thing when your employees are able to focus on their tasks with hands-free operation of their radio communications device. With Bluetooth audio, there is convenient, wireless radio communications.
  • Text Message Capabilities – It’s not necessary to have your employees using more than one device as a communication tool in the workplace. Using the two way radio for text messaging enables that issue to be resolved.
  • Emergency Signalling – Minimize costs associated with both theft or damage by quickly sending your security personnel to the scene of an emergency in your facility. Speedier response times means happier, safer guests.
  • GPS Capabilities – You can monitor the location of your staff with this unique tool. Whether it’s your shuttle van doing airport pick-ups, or locating the closest security member nearby, this is a great tool to have in a busy hotel environment.
  • Man Down Feature – An incredible safety feature of Motorola two way radios that generates a warning should the radio be placed at an unusual angle for a designated amount of time. Users are able to correct the angle, but should the issue not be fixed, an emergency alert notification is sent out.

Efficiency and productivity generate the results you’re hoping for in a hospitality setting and having the right radio communications tool and system helps with that. Want to learn more about how a MotoTRBO system could help your business?

Contact Nova Communications today – after all, we put wireless to work!

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