How Communication Issues Are Solved With Two Way Radios

The communications needs of companies change every day and certainly change per industry. The overall goal with having proper communication in place is obviously the aim to have better efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Another, of course, is safety.

Depending on the industry, employees can be spread across vast areas, making communication even more important to ensure the job gets done at the end of the day. Today we are going to look at five common communication problems in the workplace and how, by having a two way radio as a tool, you can reduce the frustration of these issues.

  1. Connecting with Team Members in Other Locations – As mentioned above, sometimes team members can be working in other areas of the building, or work yard, or even in other areas of the city or town in which you work. That doesn’t stop the need to relay information as necessary – and not wait until they’re back at their computer to check emails. Two way radios provide instant communication to one team member or all team members at the push of a button.
  2. Battery Troubles – The technology for cell phones has developed greatly in the last few years. With the advent of smart phones, and the ability to do everything from check your email to check social media from your device, it’s a great tool that the majority of us have. There is one fault in the cell phone, however, and that’s battery life. Often times using our cell phone throughout the day can mean the need for multiple charges. This is less of a concern with two way radios. Some batteries last eight hours, but with advancements in technology, there are now some radio batteries that can last 24 hours! How’s that for efficiency!
  3.  Coverage Issues – Not so much a concern for city work, but in rural environments, or workplaces that don’t offer great cell signal, communication cannot just stop. It’s frustrating when you want to relay a message to a team member, or in the case of an emergency, HAVE TO relay a message, and you’re unable to. With the right two way radio, basements and low signal areas are not an issue. Additionally, with the latest in digital two way radio technology, the concern over range is no more – the digital signal remains strong within the coverage area.
  4. Durability – Let’s face it. Other communication devices like cell phones and office phones are not made for the manufacturing floor or for communication by first responders. When you’re working, there’s a good chance you’re going to want a product that, when it inevitably drops out of your hand, or off your belt, it’s going to continue to work. Well, with two way radios, not only can they stand up to a fall, vibrations from equipment and the like, but it’s also not going to result in cracked screens and replacements as a result. Definitely a factor in helping with the business budget.
  5. Communication with Drivers – A number of businesses have employees on the road and, if they are following the laws against driving and talking on cell phones, it may take some time to reach them and relay messages about their tasks. With mobile two way radios (mounted in vehicle), communication is seamless as your employees move around, and it abides by the laws around distracted drivers that are in place throughout most jurisdictions in Canada.

For more information on how two way radios can aid in your communications troubles, contact us today. Our team of two way radio experts can help find the radio that suits your needs and budget.

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