High-Quality, Low-Maintenance RF Solutions for Utilities

Utility companies have to keep up with growing consumer demands, prepare for disasters and emergencies, all while cutting costs without compromising safety in the field, at facilities, and throughout the community. On top of these challenges, utility service providers often operate in remote areas under some of the most extreme conditions.

The communications needs for this sector are so complex and need to meet such strict industry standards for safety and emergency response that most Canadian utility companies are now choosing RF solutions and products designed specifically for their industry. Power, gas, and water utilities need their telecommunication systems to feature components and technologies that have been developed with input from real users and tested in real environments.

It’s typical for RF Engineers to build custom communications networks using multiple types of technologies and products from different manufacturers. Out of all of the communications systems that we have built for commercial operations across Canada over the last 32 years, Comprod’s utility products have proven to be highly effective in extending the life and performance of mobile radio networks for this sector.

Comprod’s line of antennas, filters, and in-building solutions are designed to be low maintenance and highly durable to withstand the harshest environments. These features have helped companies significantly reduce system downtime, resulting in fewer operational and maintenance costs. Reliable communication for these diverse and often remote networks ensures that public and private stakeholders can be delivered water, energy, and power services without disruption.

IIOT technologies such as SCADA, remote monitoring, smart grid, fleet management, and telemetry are all supported by Comprod’s line of utility products. This level of compatibility provides long-term solutions that can scale and adapt with the increasing need for interoperable communications between people and machines.

While Comprod has a wide range of utility solutions, these are some of their products we highly recommend for utility applications:

Antennas and Mobile Antennas
Manufactured with the highest quality of electrical and mechanical components, Comprod’s antennas are designed to excel in the most hostile environments. Featuring sealed cable connections, crimped and soldered connectors, moisture-resistant wire harnesses, and welded junctions.

The mobile antennas feature stainless steel whips, high-impact ABS, and gold-plated, spring-loaded contacts. Built for hard use in rugged terrain, they can withstand varying temperatures, dust, shock, and vibration.

RF Filters
Comprod manufactures each cavity filter with high-quality plating materials to ensure RF signals remain as pure and clean as possible. Using a combination of a heavy-gauge aluminum outer conductor, thick heliarc-welded cavity top plates, heavy silver-plating on micro-finished tuning assemblies, and Invar-based temperature compensation materials delivers constant performance levels and long-term reliability. The silver-plated brass bodies, gold-plated center contacts and thru-line cable assemblies that are made with high-quality connectors and RG-393B/U Teflon or RG-214/U cable to provide excellent intermodulation rejection at high system power levels.

In-Building Solutions
These solutions can complement existing antenna systems with RF components to build out the network using splitters, couplers, taps, cables, connectors, and signal boosters. Bi-directional amplifiers and tri-band in-building antennas incorporate single, dual, and tri-band frequency specifications with a wide range of enclosures such as radomes, low profile, 6200 Kydex fire-retardant material, ABS high-impact, and polycarbonate.

Nova Communications understands the critical role utility services play in our daily lives. Choosing a communications solution that addresses every single one of your operational needs, environmental factors, and safety regulations can be challenging to say the least. This is why our team has worked so hard to build a portfolio of industry leaders to ensure our communications systems are designed with the most advanced voice, data, and wireless technologies. Our team of specialists will help answer any questions you have about your existing communications system and provide recommendations for products that would be the best fit for your operation and budget.

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