Great Canadian Gaming Corporation Benefits from Digital Two Way Radio Communications

Founded in 1982, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation in Richmond, British Columbia has evolved to become Canada’s leading developer of gaming and entertainment properties. The corporation’s impressive operations include 15 casinos such as the River Rock Casino Resort, Hard Rock Casinos, and Hastings Racecourse and Casino, to name a few. They also have four horse racetrack casinos, three 1,000+ seat show theatres, a four-diamond resort, and various additional hospitality facilities.

The organization strives to offer the most exceptional entertainment and hospitality experiences to its guests. To make that a reality, staff members across all properties and departments, including security, concierge services, and other day-to-day operations, staff need to effectively communicate whenever and wherever needed.

The corporation first turned to Motorola two way radios in 2005, equipping staff with the MOTOTRBO CP200 analog two way radios. A decade later, the company wanted to shift to digital communications to benefit from the improved voice quality, increased radio capacity, extended signal coverage, and boosted operational efficiencies.

There were four main challenges to migrating from analog to digital two way radios:

Transition from Analog to Digital Communications Without Disrupting Operations
The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation could not simply shut down and move over to a digital system. The organization’s digital migrations needed to occur in phases, maintaining around-the-clock communication coverage without disrupting operations.

Communicate Across Buildings and Boundaries
With analog two way radios, coverage was lost at times and conversations cut off in areas of casinos with particularly thick concrete, such as stairwells. Their River Rock Casino Resort was built with extra layers of concrete to reduce the noise of a nearby airport. The structure weakened radio signals, impacting the speed that employees could address service requirements.

Streamline Security Surveillance
The corporation has surveillance cameras located extensively throughout their properties, which are monitored by on-site security personnel. The company wanted to leverage digital technology to be able to monitor multiple properties from central control hubs.

Improve Voice Clarity in Loud Environments
The company’s analog radios were not providing the crystal-clear audio required, making it difficult for staff to hear each other over the excessive noise around them, which is often the case at a casino. Their team needed a solution for communicating clearly over broader ranges.

With Motorola digital communications solutions, the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation was able to overcome their challenges and meet the communication needs of every unique location.

Motorola Digital Radio Solution Features and Benefits:

  • All-at-once or phased migration from analog to digital without impacting productivity
  • Support for remote surveillance and security hubs, resulting in improved efficiency and response times
  • Clear, intelligible audio even in the noisiest of environments
  • Eliminated coverage impact from physical barriers and dispersed properties
  • Reliable and instant push-to-talk to immediately respond to guest services and security needs
  • The ability to connect all devices and networks in the future with Wave Workgroup Communications
  • Options to tap into industry-leading digital radio applications portfolio for added efficiency and productivity

As a Motorola Solutions Platinum Partner, Nova Communications has been developing and deploying digital communications solutions to companies in the hospitality industry across Canada for over 30 years. We know that each operation has its own unique challenges and through industry research and customer feedback, we put together a quick guide of the top-rated digital two way radios for hospitality.

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