Five Reasons Renting Two Way Radios Is Ideal for Seasonal Industries

When you work in a seasonal industry, the length of your work can vary from year-to-year, as can your requirements for equipment. Having the best communication tools, however, is critical from day one – and working with a rental company is one of the best ways to ensure that happens. If you’ve been thinking about investing in new two way radios this season, consider renting first – for a number of reasons.

Renting Two Way Radios Gets You Exactly What You Need

When you choose to buy two way radios, you have to guess, based on past needs, what the next several years will look like. Many seasonal businesses experience heavy fluctuation from one year to the next, leading to substantial changes in equipment needs. When you rent your two way radios, you can choose exactly what you need for the current season. It’s often easier to grow your rental requirements as the company grows – if your needs change, it’s much faster and easier to adapt your rental than it would be to purchase new equipment.

Industries That Use Rentals

A number of industries rely on job costing their two way radios to save on operating costs. Renting your two way radios fits right into that need, saving time and money for those companies trying to steer away from capital purchases. Some industries that have used rentals in the past include:

Spend Less

By renting, you can significantly reduce your costs each year. Not only that, you can get the latest technology every year without needing to pay for expensive upgrades. Repairs due to normal wear and tear will be made for you each year. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to manage your communications needs, renting your two way radios is certainly the way to go.

Try Before You Buy

You commit to a product when you buy it, but by renting your two way radios, you can have hands-on work with your rental before deciding if it will work for you and your business. The added bonus? If you rent radios from Nova, and then decide to make a purchase, we’ll apply the last month’s rent to your purchase!

Improve Worker Safety

When you’re concerned about cost, you might cut corners on communications equipment. After all, your workers can easily walk across your property to communicate with one another, right? Having functional communications devices, however, makes it easier to alert one another to concerns, contact other employees in the event of an emergency, and ensure that no member of the staff is out of contact for too long. There’s no need to wonder when the last time you saw a particular member of the staff was when you can check in with all of them in a matter of seconds!

Maintain Technical Support All Season

By renting two way radios, you get a service guarantee and technical support that will keep all of your gear up and running throughout the duration of your rental. No worrying that your equipment will end up dead mid-season. No tossing radios to the side or using them only in “safe” areas because they’re the ones that frequently don’t work the way you’ve planned. If you’re having issues, a quick call to technical support will quickly set things right.

Whether you’re a one-time customer or not looking for a long-term system, Nova can meet the unique needs of individual projects. If you’re ready to be one of the countless individuals who has been able to benefit from renting two way radios, contact us! We’re standing by to help improve communications across your business. Our FREE Radio Rental Calculator below is a great tool to start the process.

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