Find Your Two Way Radio’s Model Number in Under 20 Seconds

Two Way Radio Model is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Finding your radio’s model number is a simple three step process that takes less than 20 seconds. The model number contains information about your radio, including frequency (VHF or UHF), number of channels, and power output.

Your radio’s model number will also help you find the right spare battery, speaker microphone and other accessories for your radio. 

Follow these three steps to find out which radio you’re currently using. Click on the photo above for a closer look: 

1. Remove the battery from the radio

2. Look at the back of the radio body for the word “Model”

3. Enter the model number into our site search bar

Once you’ve found your radio on our website, you can select the right accessory to fit your model or purchase a replacement radio.

If you’re having trouble finding the model number, or the model number you entered into our site search doesn’t return any results, please call 1-877-721-7070. Our staff will be happy to help.

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