Everything You Need to Know About Intrinsically Safe Two-Way Radios

For industries that are exposed to combustible materials such as vapours and dust, or flammable chemicals and gasses, workers require an extra level of protection. You need devices that will uphold in the environment – not ones that will become a hazard and end up risking your safety. When you need a device that will give you seamless communication while keeping you safe in hazardous environments, intrinsically safe radios are the only option.

What Does Intrinsically Safe Mean?
By nature, electronic devices, including non-IS two-way radios, give off electrical sparking and excessive heat emission. In certain situations, the sparks and excessive heat can become combustible when exposed to flammable materials. That’s where Intrinsically Safe (IS) radios come in. By eliminating the amount of spark or heat they produce, IS radios are designed specifically to prevent the materials in your work environment from becoming combustible, which means you won’t have to worry about your radio becoming a safety hazard in an already dangerous environment.

IS radios prevent combustion by keeping the electrical and thermal energy of the device low enough to not spark combustible materials in its surrounding area. The housing design of the radio ensures that the device’s temperature remains low or normal, no matter what the environment is, and the battery compartment that would normally give off heat and sparks is fully encapsulated to keep those contained.

What is a Canadian Standard Association (CSA) IS Certification?
The Canadian Standard Association (CSA) provides certifications for a range of products across many different industries, and are a leader for safety and environmental certifications in North America. CSA Intrinsically Safe is the standard for Canadian petrochemical or reactive locations, and certify products designed for use in Hazardous Locations (HazLoc). Although more costly than non-certified IS radios, CSA IS radios are tested and certified for usage in the most dangerous areas and will keep you safe no matter what.

What Are My IS Radio Options?
Motorola has a range of both CSA IS and IS two-way radios to choose from for usage in industries such as mining, oil and gas, emergency service, and manufacturing where workers could be exposed to combustible and flammable materials.

Here are a few of our best IS radio options:

  • XPR7550 IS Portable Two-Way Radio (CSA)
    Motorola’s MOTOTRBO™ XPR7550 IS radio is a CSA certified radio designed specifically for safe team communications in hazardous work environments, such as on a petrochemical pipeline, an oil refinery, or in an underground mine. This top-of-the-line rugged radio comes equipped with loud and clear audio, a large, full-color display for work in dark areas, Bluetooth capabilities, and integrates safety features such as Man Down alert.
  • XPR7580E IS Portable Two-Way Radio (CSA)
    Designed for skilled professionals working in dangerous environments who require maximum protection, this is the right radio to get the job done. With features such as indoor location tracking, integrated GPS, text messaging and best in-class audio, you’ll be safer and more productive when using the XPR7580E.
  • XPR3000e Series Portable Two-Way Radios
    With HazLoc models available for this series of radios, you can keep working without compromising your safety. Designed for the everyday worker, the XPR3000e series provides enhanced audio quality, farther range, higher IP ratings, and features to better connect your team. If you need a tough radio to withstand shocks and drops that occur in your work environment, you can count on the rugged and durable XPR3300e to keep working no matter what.

Whatever your industry requires, Nova Communications has a range of two-way radios and accessories to keep you safe in dangerous and hazardous environments. For help deciding which Intrinsically Safe radios would be right for your work site, contact us today.


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