Empowering Defence Communications: Highlights from CANSEC 2023 

Effective communication technology is crucial for the defence industry. It ensures seamless information exchange, rapid decision-making, and improved situational awareness. At ROCK, we understand how difficult it can be to communicate in remote regions or situations where traditional communications infrastructure is unavailable. We’re committed to delivering innovative and reliable connectivity solutions that can bridge the digital divide in Canada. We recently showcased groundbreaking solutions for defence, security applications, and critical communications at CANSEC 2023, the country’s largest global defence and security trade show. If you couldn’t join us at the event, this post will highlight the featured solutions.

Satellite Connectivity

Satellite connectivity is vital in areas where communications infrastructure may be limited or unavailable. It is a crucial technology for remote locations and industries such as maritime, aviation, and emergency response. ROCK Networks’ complete satellite connectivity solutions delivers low-earth orbit (LEO) connectivity through OneWeb’s satellite constellation and medium-earth-orbit (MEO) connectivity via SES’ O3b mPower network. We work with leading satellite terminal providers and provide full installation, service and support, making ROCK Networks a one-stop-shop for satellite connectivity in Canada. 

Some of the satellite equipment on display at our booth included:

SES’ Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) is a mobile SATCOM-enabled communications platform designed to accommodate a variety of applications for commercial, civil, humanitarian, defence and security missions. The RRV can help restore essential communication links, support multiple end-to-end services, and provide immediate coverage via stand-by capacity reserved for relief efforts.

Intellian’s next-generation terminals connect to a range of satellites across numerous bands—Intellian’s technology results in high bandwidth, low latency connectivity to satellite service providers. 

Kymeta’s u8 product family of high-throughput, flat-panel satellite antennas and terminals provide an out-of-the-box connection, and their lightweight, low-profile configuration is ideal for on-the-move communications.

And finally, we displayed the Inster SGoPack, a compact and ultra-lightweight SATCOM terminal designed for deployment in special operations forces.

Whether on land, at sea, or on the move, we can facilitate reliable, global communication where traditional broadband infrastructure does not exist. 

Two-Way Radio Communication

Two-way radio communications are paramount for the defence industry, enabling secure and real-time communication crucial for coordination, situational awareness, and operational effectiveness. With over 40 years of experience delivering two-way radio solutions across various industries, ROCK Networks has partnered with Datron to deliver HF, VHF and tactical radios in Canada. Datron is recognized as a tactical military communications equipment leader, offering high performance, ease of operation, serviceability, and cost-effectiveness.​

Some of the Datron equipment on display at our booth included:

The HH1077 is a compact and lightweight VHF radio with programmable channels, adjustable RF power, and advanced features like VOX, Whisper mode, cloning, and voice scrambler for secure communication. 

The PRC7700H is a ruggedized digital HF SDR that Supports ALE, STANAG-4538, and various modes of operation, with optimized power and bandwidth.

The RT7700H a powerful digital HF SDR for voice and data communications with up to 125 Watts SSB and CW transmission.​ 

Other Connectivity Solutions

In addition to our satellite and two-way radio offerings, we can provide various additional solutions to fit the defence industry’s connectivity needs. 

Solutions on display at CANSEC include:

Peplink’s comprehensive wired and wireless SD-WAN routers are designed for any deployment to enable resilience and agility in networks in remote areas globally. The MAX HD2 dome offers dual-cellular connectivity with Bandwidth Bonding. It eliminates the need for RF cables, minimizing loss and maximizing signal strength with its low-profile IP67 enclosure.

Generac is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of power products, including generators, transfer switches, light towers, mobile generators, and power washers. Generators play a crucial role in the defence industry by providing reliable and continuous power supply, ensuring operational readiness, and maintaining critical infrastructure even in challenging environments. ROCK has a standing offer with the Government of Canada, meaning no additional approval is required to purchase a generator from us. 


If you missed us at CANSEC and would like to learn more about satellite connectivity, two-way radio communication, or additional connectivity solutions, contact us today. 

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