8 Dependable Features of the Motorola XPR3300e and How They Benefit You

It’s not often you find a two way radio that can really tick all your boxes. But, with excellent value and best-in-class audio features, and at a cost effective price, the MotoTRBO XPR3300e is really an all industry solution for your communications needs.

We know the issues you have with communication in the workplace – we hear them from our customers all the time – noisy environments, range, battery life and ease of use are just some of them.

The XPR3300e can help with each of those, and more.

Here’s a list of eight issues you may have with communication in your work environment, and the dependable features you can find with this two way radio that will help in that process:

Noisy Work Environment – The XPR3300e takes the challenge of noise to a new level and adjusts background noise for you, so your conversation comes through clearly when you need it most. No longer worry about your employees not hearing the message being relayed – and watch your efficiency go through the roof with Intelligent Audio built into the radio itself. Also you can combine with IMPRES Audio accessories with the E series of radios, for best in class audio performance. This means that when loud noise is happening, whether its sirens or machinery, your radio will automatically adjust volumes and background noise to ensure your message comes through. With active noise cancelation, you don’t need to worry about adjusting your voice, or the dial knob, and you can trust the same for your team.

Range – Digital two way radios are known for better range of between 20-40% than their predecessor, the analog radio, and you’ll notice immediately how digital rids you of the static noise you have had in the past. The XPR3300e gets about eight per cent better range than its digital counterpart, the XPR3300 – so your area of coverage is only going to get better – meaning your team can continue its conversation from all corners of the workplace.

Indoor / Outdoor (Exposure to the Elements) – This two way radio is built for exposure to dust and water, and is submersible in up to one metre of water (IP68) making it great for indoor or outdoor environments, or industries that work around water sources. Communication doesn’t stop for your team if they leave the office, and Motorola knows this. The XPR3300e answers that need.

Additionally, the XPR3300e has a Military Standard rating (MIL-STD) of 810, which is rated to ensure this and other products live up to the conditions it will be used in. The MIL-STD 810 rating means it’s been tested for altitude, exposure to high and low temperatures for operation, rain (including wind and freezing rain), humidity, fungus, rust testing, leakage, shock and gunfire – really anything you can put it through.

A bonus feature? The XPR3300e has no screen, so it’s even more durable for even the toughest of users.

Long Shifts – Want to get in two, maybe three shifts, before you have to charge your battery? Don’t worry if it hasn’t been done by the last person using the radio, and enjoy up to 27 hours of battery life with the XPR3300e with battery upgrades with this purchase.

Hazardous Environments – With possible upgrade, and when properly equipped with a Motorola UL-approved intrinsically safe battery, the XPR3300e can be purchased with HazLoc features that are UL-Approved to TIA-4950 for use in Hazardous Locations, for intrinsically safe certification that is Division 1, Class I, II, III, Groups C,D,E, F, G; Division 2, Class 1, Groups A,B,C,D.

This enables your team to continue to communicate in work environments with exposure to flammable or explosive materials. Don’t worry about safety, this radio has got you covered.

No Time for Extensive Training – Working with the XPR3300e is as easy as touching a button. There is no screen, just the radio option, so it’s simply a matter of pushing, talking and communicating immediately!

Wearing the Radio – Not as big as some available two way radio options, you can be sure that your employees, whether they’re wearing this radio on their belt or carrying it, can do so comfortably throughout the day. And, while it’s smaller in size, rest assured that it is durable enough to hold up to the drops it’s sure to face.

Need for Accessories – Do your employees usually use earpieces? Speaker mics? While this radio is an upgrade from the previous XPR3000 series of radios, rest assured that there’s an array of accessory options to go with it – including some that would work from your existing fleet of accessories.

You might be surprised to find that the XPR3300e ticks a lot of the boxes for workplace communication. We know that radios have been proven to increase efficiency and productivity in a number of environments – we hear it from our customers all the time.

We also know our stuff about two way radios. With more than 30 years’ experience in the field, and a team of experts with more than 100 years of combined knowledge, you know you can rely on Nova Communications to help you find the best radio for your team.

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