Discover the Future of Communication with Motorola MotoTRBO Digital Radios

Most technologies have been making the transition from analog to digital for years. The time has come for two way radios to make the same transition that has revolutionized so many other products and processes. With digital, not only will your communications be clearer, your system will also be able to handle more users on a single frequency. Your new two way radios or walkie talkies will also deliver more features consistent with digital technology. Take a few minutes to discover what the future of radio has in store for your organization.

What Can MotoTRBO Radios Do for Your Organization?

MotoTRBO radios connect people effortlessly throughout your organization. A variety of models and features are available to meet the different needs of your workers. Switching to a digital platform gives your business access to technologies that can help your employees make better-informed decisions, improve safety, increase productivity, improve customer service, and troubleshoot problems. Simply put, digital technology can keep your people connecting and communicating more clearly and effectively than analog.

Motorola is a trusted brand known for its rich heritage of innovation. MotoTRBO radios provide a versatile and powerful example of the best in two way radio functionality. The addition of digital technologies to the classic two way radio system enhances the functionality, capacity, and integration potential of your organization’s internal communications system.

What Kind of Options Does Your Organization Have?

MotoTRBO radios come in two basic styles: handheld (portable) and vehicle-based (mobile).

Portable Radios

The CP200d Series delivers the best radio functionality by combining the latest in analog and digital technology. Compatible with other MotoTRBO radios, this two way radio delivers exceptional audio quality, great coverage, and outstanding battery life. With the option of an analog-only model, the CP200d Series is a simple solution to your need for a reliable, efficient communications system.

The XPR 3000 Series portable radio is the industry’s most scalable digital radio solution. With a smart balance of classic radio and contemporary digital technology, this radio works with an analog inter-operable system that lets you make your digital transition at your own pace.

The XPR 7000 Series is a fully-featured portable radio with best-in-class audio that automatically overcomes background noise, while improving your workers’ capabilities with an extensive array of digital data features. This radio delivers exceptional voice quality and an extended battery life to keep your communications clear and active.

Finally, the SL Series delivers ultra-thin, ultra-light portable radios that facilitate discreet communications. The SL300, with its bold, efficient design, uses a patented antenna technology that enhances its range, while offering both an Active View Display model and a Non-Display model. Either is an economical solution for your discreet needs, while the SL7550 version provides the same slimness with the added bonus of data functionality.

Mobile Radios

Motorola’s CM200d & CM300d radios are perfect for users that want the ability to move to digital on their timeline, but currently have a limited budget. With the option of an analog-only model, the CM200d Series is a simple solution to your need for a reliable, efficient communications system.

The XPR 2500 Series is a compact and capable mobile radio solution that keeps workers connected while they are on the road. Using the best in digital radio technology, this mobile radio has integrated voice systems capability, twice as much calling capacity, and superior audio functionality. This is an affordable, scalable solution for making your transition from analog to digital.

The XPR 5000 Series takes things up a notch with unrivaled voice and access to data features everywhere you go, including the full array of automatic adjustment capabilities that overcome background noise. Also, with integrated Bluetooth, drivers are able to operate their radio without taking their hands off the wheel. This safety feature is what makes Motorola industry leading.

What Difference Does Digital Make?

The introduction of digital technologies drastically improves your internal communications system. Not only will your people appreciate the crystal-clear, static-free audio quality these radios provide, but they will be able to maintain more users on a single frequency while also gaining access to digital data features. From the corporate side of things, your organization will experience lower infrastructure costs and a longer battery life that is able to last throughout extended work shifts. Furthermore, you will not need to acquire a new license to transition to digital radios, you can amend your existing frequency licenses to specify digital.

A Quick Look Ahead

When digital options first became available for television, the switch from analog to digital was optional. Then, it became encouraged. Finally, it became required. The explanation is simple: The analog broadcast spectrum is limited and the switch to digital technologies frees up broadcast resources. Now, the same is happening with two way radios. It’s been optional. It’s becoming encouraged. Eventually, it will be required. Contact us to learn why leading the way to digital gives your organization an advantage or check out the MotoTRBO Guide below.

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