Customer Service Metrics – How Two Way Radios Help

If you’re in a customer service focused industry – whether it’s retail, hospitality or anything in between – you have a number of customer service metrics that you track on a frequent basis.

But one of the most important metrics in this business is customer satisfaction. In fact, often times there are connections between satisfaction and revenue. Consumers have increased demands on your business and further expectations so, when those needs are met, it can ultimately lead to satisfaction and returning revenues for your business.

With long shifts, high turnover, tight margins and tough competitors, keeping your teams connected discreetly, affordably and efficiently is more important than ever to achieve that result.

Approximately 80% of associates say technology improves management of employees and operations. Two way radio users in these customer service environments have improved customer service metrics for years.

With the latest in two way radio technology, that number is only going to continue to grow. Options include small, compact radios the size of smartphones and radios that cover up to 350,000 square feet of coverage (the size of two average sized Costco stores).

And, whether your team is in the back warehouse or office, or working the floor and cash, you know that with the right two way radio tool, you are getting the most from your customer service communication – and your employees, and customers, benefit.

We know you are working long, hard days, but two way radios have been proven to help with making the day-to-day flow of your business easier. Here`s how they will help with your customer service metrics:

Productivity Metrics

80% of associates in retail environments say better in-store communications increases customer satisfaction.

Customers want support. They want your team to have the ability to tweak and improve on the service you provide – and quickly. With competition increasing, and demands growing, you need to know that when you’re measuring productivity – whether it’s reply time in person or on the phone – that your team has the tools to support the consumer needs.

Two way radios have an ability to increase in-store communication – building both a team dynamic that enables members to be well informed and coordinated, and a real-time flow of information that produces results.

Customer Support Metrics

74% of retailers say an engaging in-store experience with customers is business critical.

By measuring your customer service communication and performance, especially when it comes to resolving issues big and small, you can turn one-time shoppers into long-term customers.

Short resolution times on customer requests and complaints means that your staff is working efficiently. In a number of customer service focused environments, associates are spread throughout your business – including managers – and the time to resolve can be hindered by this. Two way radios provide your team with the ability to go back to short resolutions. With the touch of a button, questions and concerns from customers can be addressed and a resolve found quickly.

Customer Satisfaction Metric

47% of shoppers say technology-enabled associates improve their experience.

Depending on your company, you could be measuring this after each interaction with your customers, daily, weekly, or quarterly. It doesn’t matter when that happens, however, because with communication among your team, and a professional, friendly environment for your customers, they are sure to end up satisfied with the interaction at your business.

Whether it’s a complaint or restocking an item, two way radios will produce results for your team, and have known to increase productivity and efficiency at the same time.

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