Customer Service Communications the Key to Wowing Clients

Customer service is different than it used to be. In the past, it was a reactive process in that if there were complaints, or people wanted a certain product or service, you had to react to that as an individual in a company and ensure that your customer left satisfied.

Now, with the advent of technology, and the move to online shopping, businesses are looking more at the customer journey to understand how to make a buying experience as easy as possible, says Anne MacKeigan, Customer Care Program Specialist with Sandler Training, and author of Customer Service the Sandler Way: 48 Rules for Strategic Customer Care.

But the overall message hasn’t changed.

“Customer service is not a department, it’s an attitude that a company has about how the relationship between their staff and customers can grow their sales, basically,” says MacKeigan. “It is about two things – it’s about communication first off, and communicating with customers in a very clear and concise way. And it’s also about sales, and when I say sales I mean about helping customers make good buying decisions, as opposed to selling them something they may not need or want. It’s about matching their purchases to their needs and future needs.”

Both of those recommendations by MacKeigan can be elevated with walkie talkies, or as we in the industry call them, two way radios. With communication, for example, having constant ability for your team to provide answers to each other’s questions, along with guiding employees in the training process, can enable professionalism in the workplace. At the same time, it gives the ability for consumers to get the answers to questions they expect – and in the time frame they expect.

Effective communication in the workplace has been known to provide better efficiency and productivity – which ultimately leads to better service for your customers. And a happy customer, as you know, means a returning customer.

But, aside from communication helping your customers, it’s also important for your team to understand everyone’s roles and build a team dynamic that ultimately reflects on the customer service you provide.

How will walkie talkie help you in your sales process? As mentioned above, it’s about matching purchases to the needs and future needs of your customer. Well, in environments where there are multiple people working in various areas of your business, a customer with a question isn’t always guaranteed to have the best information from your employee. But, with walkie talkies, you can be sure that customer service representatives will get the feedback and information they need to relay to your customers for those purchases – and instantly.

“I find there’s a belief that if you have product knowledge, you are a good customer service person. Product knowledge is so important, but communication is (more) important.”

MacKeigan says there is definite value in investing in your team with training. We here at Nova Communications think there is value in implementing two way radios as part of that training process – and your return on investment will be obvious when you do. With walkie talkies in place, it has been proven to produce better efficiency, productivity and professionalism in the workplace – and customers notice this now more than ever.

Having a team of professionals in place in your environment means customers return for the service they received the first time, it means they may choose to review your business, or tell friends about their experience, and that, ultimately, they see value in your business over its competitors.

That starts with customer service.

“People kind of think of the customer service team as the clean-up crew. To me, customer service is a chain of people – there’s all kinds of people here to deliver what the customer wants. It has to be pervasive throughout the whole company, and has to have some leadership.”

Nova Communications has more than 30 years of experience in the two way radio field and, with the development of a variety of radio options in recent years from Motorola, can offer you a cost effective option to ensure your customer service excels.

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